Natsu e no Tobira

Alt title: The Door Into Summer

Movie (1 ep x 60 min)
2.824 out of 5 from 216 votes
Rank #6,078

Fifteen-year-old Marion is intelligent, handsome and loved by everyone at his French boarding school, but the boy holds nothing but disdain for both his classmates, and himself. For Marion is devoted to rationalism, believing that emotions such as anger and love are unnecessary – even sex is merely a means of ensuring a species' survival. But deep down, this attitude is simply a façade that was carefully constructed to protect Marion's naivety and fragile emotions, and when a chance encounter brings a seductive adult woman into his life, even he won't be able to retain his icy exterior...

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SadisticTendencies's avatar
SadisticTendencies Mar 3, 2013
Score 6/10

Story: 6/10 Before any further explanations are made, I have to express that anyone with a pet peeve for fictional melodrama should run away and never look back. Much like other titles from the same genre and era, this is a movie with no shame when it comes to executing scene after scene with such ridiculous and dramatic extravagance that it crosses the border of what most people find endurable. If, like me... read more

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Natsu e no Tobira
  • Vol: 1
  • 1975

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