Nanbaka 2nd Season

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Nanbaka Is a Comedy Anime image

Episode 1

Nanbaka Is a Comedy Anime

Super Hitoshi-kun image

Episode 2

Super Hitoshi-kun

The Traitorous Building 5 image

Episode 3

The Traitorous Building 5

Something Is Breaking image

Episode 4

Something Is Breaking

You Are Weak image

Episode 5

You Are Weak

One's Own Freedom image

Episode 6

One's Own Freedom

A Fool image

Episode 7

A Fool

Awakening Poison image

Episode 8

Awakening Poison

Washed Away... image

Episode 9

Washed Away...

Sound and Words image

Episode 10

Sound and Words

Move Forward! image

Episode 11

Move Forward!

Sarabaka image

Episode 12


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NeverStop's avatar
NeverStop Jan 7, 2018
Score 10/10

This season didnt dissapoint, it lived up to the great expectations, just like the last season did. If u thought the sparkles would be present all the time just like the last season, then ur wrong. The sparkles are gone now!  But lets not focus on the sparkles, I found this season a great creation. We see the light shed on the mysterious past of our most mysterious mc himself, Jyugo! This season was just... read more

MsNova's avatar
MsNova Mar 7, 2019
Score 9/10

I LOVE this anime. One of the few I can watch with a smile on my face. I took off a star because the story was ended at a cliffhanger, which I do not appreciate. Look, if they want another season, let the anime stand on it's own merits. No reason to be cheesy and not wrap up the story, unless there is a signed contract for the next season. Sheeze. Other than that, this is a great anime & it has... read more

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