Nanana's Buried Treasure

Alt title: Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin

TV (11 eps)
3.609 out of 5 from 5,673 votes
Rank #4,344
Nanana's Buried Treasure

Disowned by his father, Juugo Yama has run away from home to the island of Nanae. He begins to live by himself, only to discover his room is haunted by the ghost of Nanana Ryugajo. She was murdered ten years ago, and her killer must be found before she can rest in peace. Before her death, Nanana collected things from all over the world and hid them throughout the island. Using the mysterious powers of these hidden items, they should be able to find the culprit. As Juugo begins his hunt for her collection, however, he discovers he's not the only person searching.

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I started watching this with reasonably low expectations, was delightfully surprised for a few episodes, and then very disappointed throughout the rest. The animation quality is really nice and the premise was good but the characters and their development bring the show down - way down. The main character is pretty much the same as any other male lead with one exception - he's a thug who doesn't want to be a thug anymore.  He worked for some type of family mob of theives, doing something... it would have been nice to know what.  And, through that life, he learned to fight from his "sister" who isn't actually his sister.  And by the way, he kinda likes her... but that just falls off the bus too.  He's trying to start a new life on this island which has tons of treasure hidden on it.  And his new ghostly roommate wants his help to collect her treasure and kill her murderer.   We get hints to her past through other characters' backstories, but never enough to satisfy. Oh - and she eats pudding, plays video games, can beat up the male lead, and disappear whenever she wants.  But she can't leave the apartment. The rest of the cast may as well be cardboard cut outs.  All cookie cutter personalities and archetypes shoved into a "gotta catch'em all" plot.  There's some action and adventure.  The best part of the show is watching them try to get the treasure from high tech ruins.  That's pretty entertaining.  I just wish that it lasted more than 5 - 6 minutes an episode - if there's even one in that episode. The series keeps introducing new characters, as if they didn't have enough already.   At times, the main character was even drawn a little differently and I forgot who he was after returning to the show from a 2 week hiatus.  I actually forgot who the main character was and what he looked like.  That's how cookie cutter this show actually is, underneath all the gimmick. The tell tell sign for me that the script would be horrible was when the "master detective" (who's a loli by the way), had to keep reiterating that she loves solving mysteries because she loves solving them.  Oddly enough, she was my favorite character.  She was flawed, a little mysterious, and enjoyable to watch, even if she was just another "detective" type. As if the script and flat characters weren't bad enough, the series didn't have an ending.  There were some weird clips during the final credit sequence that seemed to hint that things were "over", but there was clearly no ending.  I'm starting to wonder if they thought they would get a second season.  I hope not.


***THIS IS A SPOILER FREE REVIEW*** This for me was one of those delightful surprises that you just happen to come upon with no real hopes and dreams for. My initial thoughts going into Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin were, "Well it cannot be as bad as School Days right?" I was correct; it was infinitely times better. Story: 7/10 I at first thought the main plot was a little weird but after the first two episodes it started to grow on me. The basic concept of the show is: on an island that boasts a new university for students, the treasure hunting club thing goes on puzzle solving adventures for "Nanana's" treasures. Nanana being the creator of the island (well the idea of the island I guess) is kind of the center of the entire show but she mostly plays a sideline role. What each episode boils down to is essentially the club finding a new treasure location or progressing certain character arcs. The show never felt slow and due to the great character interactions (more in the 'character' section), made it fun to watch. There are however annoying plot holes left after the season ends... Animation: 9.4/10 Very good and crisp. The characters always looked so composed and beautiful/handsome. The colors were bright and vibrant, backdrops looked great, action scenes flowed nicely, and the eyes were awesome. Overall a beautiful anime to watch. Sound: 8/10 The voice actors did an amazing job portraying their virtual counterparts in this anime. The voices seemed to match up very nicely with the personalities of their characters. Music wise I really liked the opening theme and most of the music used in the anime. It set the tone pretty well in almost all moments. Characters: 7.8/10 This is one of those situations where a few bad apples really ruin the whole batch. Juugo, Nanana, Daruku, and Tensai are the real stars of the show as all of their interactions are a blast to watch. They however cannot make up for the bland Yuu, un-likeable Isshin, and the overpowered and underdeveloped Hiiyo. These three characters unfortunately really brought down the excitement level for me whenever they were present. Don't get me wrong though most of the scenes are a blast to watch. You think you know a character's true intentions but then something happens that completely blindsides you. It is pretty enjoyable to watch. Overall: 8.1/10 This was a true treat to watch. The hidden agendas, character interactions, beautiful animation, and tone setting voice performances really made this treasure hunting anime a joy to watch.   Enjoyment: 9.2/10 Thanks for reading my review! If you liked my writing style, would like to see some other reviews, or just want to talk, please stop by my page! Sincerely, Awesome Drummer

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