TV (47 eps)
2006 - 2007
Spring 2006
4.334 out of 5 from 17,104 votes
Rank #378

Nana Komatsu is on her way to Tokyo; now she can finally be with her boyfriend after a year of dating long-distance! On the train there, Nana Komatsu meets Nana Osaki – a girl who shares her name but seems to be everything Nana Komatsu is not; cool, street-wise, and a punk rocker. The two hit it off and spend the entire journey getting to know each other, but when they get to Tokyo, circumstance separates them seemingly forever. However, fate is not finished with these two. Whilst hunting for a place to live the two Nanas again cross paths. They decide to share a flat and become best friends in no time. Nana K. must learn to be independent and mature, while Nana O. works on becoming famous with her band; but together, they will learn about love and loss, and the growth that comes with it.

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vivafruit Aug 3, 2007
Score 7.5/10

Ai Yazawa’s work is so distinctive that no one could mistake Nana as being written by anyone else. While the series isn’t perfect, it can be considered to be one of the frontrunners of modern shoujo romance. I emphasize modern because of how backward and traditional other romance anime seems when compared to Yazawa’s work. While other shoujo series are... read more

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mahius Nov 6, 2015
Score 7/10

Nana is a 47 episode josei, drama, romance anime with themes of music. I ignore older anime, due to having too many anime to watch, but this anime was recommended to me by someone who seems to enjoy unique anime, they also warned me Nana Komatsu is annoying. And then I find out this anime is 47 episodes long! Disclaimer: I have trouble watching long anime series and I also hate love-triangles, harems and ecchi... read more

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