Najica Blitz Tactics

Alt title: Najica Dengeki Sakusen

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2001
2.905 out of 5 from 1,656 votes
Rank #16,116

Najica Blitz Tactics follows the adventures of Najica Hiiragi, a female secret agent. During one mission, she rescues Leila, a young bioengineered cyborg who then becomes her partner. Together, they must battle evil forces in a series of breath-(and clothes) taking adventures to make the world safe for fan service.

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While not the best and not the worst Anime I've seen, Najica just had a story that attempted to go someplace, but didn't. At the time of watching this Anime I had only one other "Girls with Guns" title to compare it to, and while that is thought to be the best of all time, Noir, I actually found Najica more enjoyable. Story 6/10 While we get a story that runs through the whole series, Najica finding the Humaritts and returning them to Gento, each episode almost plays out the same way.  We also never get deeper into Najica's story and her search for the Sunday scent, sure that wouldn't have made the series riveting but at least it adds a little something extra to what is a very unlikable character. We also are given a slight glimpse into the creation of all the rogue Humaritts, but it happens far too late to matter. The writers also put a bit too much into the gratuitous panty shots, there seems to be episodes based solely around how many gun wielding maids can be knocked out with their legs completely up in the air. Animation 7/10 The animation on the series is pretty solid.  While theres no innovative style or complex CGI animation they do a good job of just drawing a nice cartoon. Sound 5/10 I don't remember any vast range of music, which is something I love in an anime, but that which they did use fit nicely and didn't overwhelm any of the scenes.  The English voice overs also weren't terrible (not sure of translation, only going by actual quality of voice actors) and they fit each character very well.  Characters 4/10 None of the characters really stand out, mainly due to the fact they are developed for about 3 seconds and then thrown into the mix.  We never learn of Najica's background, any past missions, partners or her cover work at CRI Cosmetics.   The Humaritts are given a slight background but for a majority of the episodes we're really up in the air about their creation, why they went missing and Gento's interest in them. Gento might actually be the best developed character since we know at least one thing about him, he's in love with Najica.  As a character Gento is the most likable, a Lupin like guy who acts pretty zany, despite being the point man and financier of all the recovery missions. Overall 5/10 This series just left me a bit flat after the 12 episodes, but thankful it didn't drag on as long as Noir did.  It certainly will have people who enjoy this series, many just for the panties, but still some for a decent story that won't drive you completely mad to watch.

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