Nagasarete Airantou

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After a fight with his father, the determined Ikuto decides to run away from home; but unfortunately for him, after boarding a cruise ship, he finds himself being thrown overboard in the middle of a freak storm! He regains consciousness on the inescapable island of Airantou – an island with plenty of trees, sunshine, and… dozens of gorgeous girls?! Ikuto now has an entire population of lovely ladies to fight over him, including the beauty who saved him from the sea, Suzu. Can Ikuto survive this so-called “heaven”, or is he doomed to remain on the island forever?

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Story:          If there is one thing that can be said for Nagasarete Airantou it's that it proved that the best thing to bring with you on a deserted island is plenty of women. This light hearted anime showed me an optimistic view of being stranded on a deserted island with no electricity ( may god have mercy ) and was overall an enjoyable experience from start to finish. If you are looking for something that won't make you think to but, isn't terrible this anime may be a good waste of time.           The story takes place with a boy named Ikuto being thrown of a cruise liner in the middle of the ocean ( the crew btw makes no effort to safe him ). After some desperate swimming Ikuto finds himself washed up on an island. The kicker is that this island is inhabited exclusively by women who, thats right, need him to reproduce. Freakin sweet right? Well for some reason Ikuto doesn't see it that way and tries to return home via boat however, after many failed attempts at leaving the island finds it impossible due to the whirlpools that surround the island. Ikuto then gives up and attempts to adapt to life on a very strange island ( carrots the size of your house anyone? ) while the women of the island try to sway his heart.           Now the plot is fairly simple there aren't any brain teasers here but, it's sound enough. One guy on an island full of women if you haven't guessed what this show is all about yet I suggest you check yourself into a mental hospital. Yes, there is plenty of partial nudity and panty shots to feel your ecchi needs yet, while it's a prime subject for the show it doesn't feel overdone. What is overdone is ikuto's typical harem lead character. From monstrous nosebleeds to unrealistic abstinence this kid out there. So as you can imagine the female leads have there work cut out for them trying to catch this guy.                   The episodes revolve around slice of life style problems just twisted slightly because they are on an island. Each story is interesting enough and has enough of a spin on it to as not to seem to like other series in the same genre. As I stated before the series is very light hearted, there is a lot of comedy in the series mostly exaggerations and slap stick humor good enough to give me a chuckle or two. Once an awhile you will notice plot holes like what ikuto's family and life was like or Suzu's ( The female leads ) family. In fact there are many things left unsaid in this show especially since none of the older women seem that upset that all there husbands are gone. Since the anime isn't that big on being serious the plot holes don't seem as prominent within the anime. Overall the story was solid but nothing spectacular.          Animation:             It seems that the Animation was last on the list of “things they wanted to do well”. By no means is this show a work of art, in fact it is rather crudely drawn. All of the characters expressions are over exaggerated and could have been drawn by yours truly ( believe me that’s one hell of an insult ). All of the character designs are pretty dull and devoid of imagination. Even the animals don’t look like animals at all although, in their defense I think this was done on purpose. Overall the animation wasn’t horrid but it by no means lived up to the standards of anime today.          Sound:             The sound while not superb blends seamlessly with the light hearted and humorous feel of the series. None of the music comes out of left field and it’s original enough to catch your attention and set the mood. The intro and the outro also adhere to the good nature of the anime and are quite catchy to boot. The sound really gave the anime the extra push it needed to stay worth watching. The voice acting was lets say upper middle class, better than most but falls just sort of the high caliber animes. All of the voices really seem to be right for the characters ( I really like machi-nee’s laugh ) and the lack of verbal tics made me leap with joy. I would say that the sound picked up the slack the Animation left behind.          Characters:          The characters while original enough at the beginning become tired and cliché at the end of the series. Compound that with lame catch phrases, lack of back-story and no character development and the characters become as transparent and mesh panty hose. This doesn’t stop you from connecting and liking most of the characters however. Each episode lets you connect and enjoy those tired old mannerisms and by the end there predictability becomes comforting. So while this still puts a dent in the anime as a whole, I’ll give merit to the fact that this anime seems to make it work.                   Overall:             With the good and the bad I would say that this anime is about average. A good waste of time especially for those harem lovers out there. If you are in serious opposition of harems for some reason then perhaps this isn’t for you. The light hearted feel and connection to the characters will have most people glad they experienced Nagasarete Airantou.  I know that despite the obvious flaws of the series I enjoyed watching the feel good anime.            

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