Mysterious Girlfriend X

Alt title: Nazo no Kanojo X

TV (13 eps)
3.613 out of 5 from 8,508 votes
Rank #4,184

The new transfer student Mikoto Urabe is weird. She falls asleep at the drop of a hat and bursts out laughing unexpectedly, and it's no surprise that fellow classmates like Akira avoid her like the plague. So when the boy comes across the girl after class, fast asleep and drooling all over her desk, he does what any typical teenager would do… and tastes it?! What's more, there's something special about Mikoto's saliva: it's addictive, and thanks to Akira's poor decision, he must now receive a daily dose to avoid withdrawal. As Akira adjusts to this new and unexpected bond, he discovers that he's not only addicted to Mikoto's spit, but to her as well, much to his confusion!

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Warning this review may contain spoilers- So this anime is weird, that's for sure but it is a good weird that investigates the strange side of a relationship that you don't normally get to see in a lot of high school romance anime. This anime was like a breath of fresh air where the premise is good and I ended it on not regretting picking this up.  STORY The story is minimal and tends to just follow the lives of our unlikely couple, being a character heavy show you can see how much it depends on the personalities of these characters. The events that happened are dependant on the events are how they interact - to me, this makes the story 'good'. The pacing of the series was also a bonus, and good to relax to but I cannot deny that some of the things that happened grossed me out a bit. ANIMATION The animation was solid, the palette used was good for the colouring and I can say that it looks visually pleasing. The character designs were quite basic, but for the style of the show, I fail to see how they could have improved on this fact. SOUND The sound was good, the opening and ending fitting and nothing much to say here, other than Urabe's voice actress should take on some more roles but then I guess this would remove the uniqueness of the voice. It fitted the character perfectly and stood out against many of the other voices, the other voices were a good standard but other than Urabe nothing much unique about them. CHARACTERS I feel that the relationship between all the characters is what pulled me through the series, they were so interesting and developed quite well. I do believe if the series was longer we would find out a lot more about the minor characters and that final episode seemed a bit random to try and introduce Youko in more detail.  In conclusion, this was a good series and I'm quite glad I stopped just skipping over this series. -AngelBeatsYui- This review is for the Secret Santa Event 2017

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