Mysterious Girlfriend X

Alt title: Nazo no Kanojo X

Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 8 - Mysterious Sensation

Tsubaki is haunted by a vivid dream while awake. When he finally gets a chance to act out the dream, he takes it too far. Has he permanently damaged his relationship with Urabe?

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Shinichiro Nakagami is an everyday high school student, with the exception of having his beautiful and athletic childhood friend Hiromi Yuasa living in his household after the death of her parents. Unfortunately, their relationship is cold at best - Shinichiro can tell that she is suffering, but she acts coldly and distant from her foster family and so he is...

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lonewulfninja lonewulfninja says

Both have a mysterious girl that is of interest to the main character.  Both have a quiet mystical feeling and really nice romance.  Both shouldn't be missed if one is looking for a charming romantic story.

Future Diary

Future Diary

Yuki is a disaffected middle school boy who has no dreams or goals in life; in fact, the only thing he has is his diary. Writing down everything he observes and documenting every thought, the young boy uses it as an outlet for his imagination. One morning, however, Yuki wakes up to find his cell phone filled with diary entries for the next...

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Charana Charana says

Very similiar is everyway 

A male protagonist who know what the hell is going on. 

The female is wierd/bad shit crazy 

but unlike mysterious girlfriend X. Future diary is a whole lot more enjoyable. 

Its a tournament style survival horror anime with a romantic twist definitely a must watch 

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Rikka Takanashi is a teenage girl who possesses the strongest ocular power known to man: the Tyrant’s Eye. She's currently locked in a fierce war with a shadowy organization, and the fate of the world may hang in the balance with each passing battle... or at least this is what she believes. In actuality, Rikka is merely a normal high school girl...

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Xisle355 Xisle355 says

Because quirky girlfriends are the best girlfriends. Though there is a bit more of a supernatural element to Mysterious Girlfriend X, having a relationship with someone who is just outside the norm is gold for both series.