Myriad Colors Phantom World

Alt title: Musaigen no Phantom World

TV (13 eps)
3.471 out of 5 from 7,772 votes
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In the near future, monstrous creatures called “phantoms” descend upon the world. Haruhiko Ichijou is a student at Hosea Academy, along with Mai Kawakami, Reina Izumi, and Koito Minase, three girls who fight these creatures. High school life proceeds as normal until a certain incident reveals the truth of their world to them.

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The Strange Tale of the Bakumatsu Phantom

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STORY:  4/10 In a non-Post-apocalyptic future, humanity has come to discover creatures known as "phantoms," which are essentially figments of people's imaginations made into reality. They can be monstrous creatures with ill intentions, or simply harmless ones that are looking to fulfill a wish before being sealed away, which is a lot alike crossing over into the afterlife. How do they get sealed? High school students. Huh!? Wait what!? That's right! Pubescent teenagers with special abilities and powers use their gifts to fight and eventually seal them away. At Hosea Academy, they even have a school club known as the Phantom-hunting Club, where the infamously bad team of Haruhiko and Mai fight rigorously to seal away phantoms and to save-face every time they do. It's not until they are joined by the likes of Reina Izumi and Koito Minase that they are able to slowly, but assuredly, become more of a complete team able to eventually take down any phantom that comes their way. Sounds interesting? Well, the concept is just OK, but amusing. It could’ve been executed better than what it was. With the plot being generally light-hearted and simplistic, it’s not hard follow along. Plus, both the action scenes are plentiful enough and the comedic moments are not overly done nor asinine that there is some good, simple fun to be enjoyed; just don’t take the plot too seriously. Lastly, the final arc needs some specific mentioning. Here the direction changes a little and the story becomes its most serious. It doesn’t necessarily feel out of place, but it doesn’t go quite with the pace either. The worst part is that it had potential to be the best part, except that it came too late in the series. It felt rushed and it left it open for a sequel that will likely not happen. ANIMATION:  8/10 The art is the best part of the series. It is very colorful and looks really good in high definition. The animation is smooth and mostly consistent throughout the series. Even the limited CG animation that’s used looks good and blends in with the rest of the series. The only noticeable drawbacks are in the sharp, clean looking, but simple character designs, and the lack of clarity on distance shots. Although not major issues, they do take away from what is pleasant looking anime. SOUND:  7/10 The OP is nothing special and easily forgotten. The ED is just as “meh” as the OP except in the last 15 seconds or so when the characters are dancing to the music. That is honestly the only part of both that I remember. As far as during the episodes, the music is fine, and the sound effects are solid. No complaints there. CHARACTERS:  6/10 As with many anime, the characters are a part of several typical tropes (i.e. falling into Mai’s rather Huge Breasts, the occasional panty shot, an episode with bathing suits in it, etc.). It hinders the characters; it’s not overly done to the point where it can become sickening. Because of that they are still likeable, even the young Kurumi, who is without a doubt the “moe” in the show, and Ruru, a fairy-sized phantom who is Scantily-clad, which is apparently OK since she's a phantom and a tiny one at that. Together, they complete the ensemble of this particular team within the Phantom-hunting Club. The various phantoms are often fun and likeable as well. It’s too bad for Enigma that she doesn’t get enough screen time or a chance to showcase her abilities more. Developing her back story with more detail could’ve been a major bonus, as it would have been for all the back stories of the Main cast as well. There are some insights, but not enough in my opinion. OVERALL:  35/50 Amidst its flaws, Myriad Colors Phantom World was actually fun and entertaining, albeit nothing riveting or special. The cast is a little better than average but they suite this anime very well as a team. Finally, if you don’t take it too seriously and let yourself get immersed in the quite often spectacularly colorful visuals, then you are sure to have at least some fun in watching this. ENTERTAINMENT SCORE:  8/10 ACHIEVEMENT SCORE:  +2 to OVERALL My expectations were Moderate, and it delivered Slightly Above those expectations. Additional Information: Video Format:  HD Streaming Audio Format:  English dubbed Publisher:  Crunchyroll Equipment Used:  Acer AN515-53-55G9 Nitro 5 Laptop


This was another anime I just clicked on for some background noise to only pay half attention to and just like the last one I did that with, I ended up actually paying attention and getting in to it a bit.  My first impression from the picture was "girl with big boobs right up front, that doesn't seem promising....". That usually isn't the best sign, plus all the bright colors made me doubt it even more. Then the first episode started and well, I'm a psychology major and it was talking about the brain and perception and all that and I ended up actually watching all three episodes currently out. That is pretty much what draws me to this anime. The story is rather typical. It's about a group of two girls (possible three soon) and one guy with strange abilities who fight supernatural/other worldly beings and they are the worst group among all the groups. Where have I heard this one before? Like I said, it's not unique. Still, the little bits and pieces about the brain and it being altered kept me interested. The story is almost as weak as the main character and it is far from being on my list of favorites, but it is worth a try. If you aren't in to overly serious stories and like a bit of supernatural added in, then it probably works and if you get drawn to the brain then maybe that will make it worth it too. Overall, with only three episodes I can't say whether it's good or bad. It could turn out great or it could be a piece of junk when it's finished. Right now, it's nothing special but it's better than some simmilar animes.


Should you watch: Yes Myriad Colors Phantom World is based off a 2 year old novel. If you’re looking for a pure action anime then this is not for you. The writer tries to do a lot of things at once and while none of the genres are done poorly, none of the individual categories are done really well. It was an interesting mix though. STORY: Every episode starts off telling you what exact psychological component you are going to learn about (very interesting way of starting off each episode). Haruhiko Ichijo is the main protagonist who teams up with a group of girls to fight “phantoms” phantoms are the realization of dreams/ subconscious who sometimes attacks people, but really none of that is important as it doesn’t go anywhere. The first 2/3rds of the anime is really episodic and a main story doesn’t really get around till the last 3 episodes, which are much better than the beginning and make me want to recommend this anime to others. ANIMATION: Done really well with some decent fighting scenes, but there are plenty of anime done with better fighting scenes. SOUND: pretty good. The intro and ending songs were ok, but nothing else were memorable. CHARACTERS: No real development or change until episodes 9-13 which really boosts the anime’s overall ratings as you really start to understand the characters on a deeper level than just their name. Other than that the characters have all been done before, but the genius protagonist that girls like but are not throwing themselves at is a nice refresher in the harem genre (if you even consider this a harem). OVERALL: I give it a 7.5 (top 35%). With a bunch of different ideas thrown together it was obvious to me that the writer wasn’t too sure where to go with this. The educational, harem, fighting, comedy, very mild echii (for comedy effects) and more are done well just trying to fit all them in at once didn’t work out perfectly. If you want something to mindlessly watch then this is it, but if you want a good fighting, comedy, story or harem anime go elsewhere.

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