My Wife is the Student Council President+!

Alt title: Okusama ga Seito Kaichou! Plus!

TV (12 eps x 8 min)
Fall 2016
3.421 out of 5 from 3,517 votes
Rank #6,891
My Wife is the Student Council President+!

The secret romantic relationship between Hayato Izumi and Ui Wakana has become more "exciting" with Honoka Saijou, chair of the photography club, starting stalking Wakana for possible scoops.

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In the past I did a review of the first season and let’s say that it wasn’t what I expected to be but not in a bad way. I don’t mind some ecchiness if it isn’t smeared all over the anime. So let’s see if this unexpected second season was as revealing as the first one. The answer to that question is definitely, this second season was way more revealing than the first. Where in the first season we sometimes got to see some mild nudity, in this second season it’s almost the only thing that we get. The second season was way more extreme when it came to the ecchiness and nudity.  And in some way I found that to be shame since what I particularly liked in the first season was that, next to the ecchiness, there was some actual romantic development between Ui and Izumi. But now because of the increase in ecchiness that was way less the case. So one of the things I liked the most wasn’t as abundant anymore. True you probably don’t watch this short anime for the romantical development  but to me that was an extra plus in the first season. Conclusion So as a conclusion unfortunately for me, the thing I liked the most in OgSK was turned away from to make place fir more explicit ecchiness which isn’t my favorite thing to watch. So I’m going to rate Okusama ga Seito Kaichou! Plus! at 2,5 stars. Biggest reason why it still gets an ok score is because I still find Ui and Izumi a pretty cute couple only we didn’t get to see a lot more development between the two of them. For a video review, check out my Youtube channel. Link on my profile page.


In 2016 studio Seven returned with the second season of their wildly erotic comedy based on the manga series by Yumi Nakata. The story picks up where it left off with High School Student Council President Ui Wakana living with her husband-to-be Vice-President Hayato Izumi. This brings them into conflict with the strict disciplinarian Rin Misumi head of the disciplinary committee. As the story rapidly evolves most of the students have figured out that Rin’s motivation is less to do with rule-following and more to do with her crush on Hayato. However, Rin appears to be the only person to not realise this. She has been trying to get in between Ui & Hayato because of her jealousy. Implicating school rules has just been a cover for her. Inevitably she ends up moving in with her sister (next door to Ui & Hayato) just in order to keep an eye on the couple. In most respects this is just the sort of corny setup you would expect from a sexual fantasy. Reality has little to do with it. At least hentai is lot more honest in where it leads. Despite the full-bodied sexual tension, depicted here, nobody ever shares the same bedsheets (so-to-speak). It is, at least, pretty funny at times, even if the humour is X-Rated. Catch episode five when Hayato attempts to feed a sick Ui rice porridge. He spills that white sticky fluid everywhere. You know what we mean. The already complicated story gets added confusion as more big-boobed girls throwing themselves at Hayato. Firstly, we have Honoka Saijou, President of the Photography club, who gets caught selling seedy photos of female students. Then there is little Karen Fujisaki the student council treasurer plus Ayane Niikura the student council secretary. The plot, for what it is, is more of an opportunity to engineer endless up-skirt shots, Hayato to bury his face between two enormous boobs, female nudity, as well as those quite normal times that girls just forget to put on panties under their ever-so-short-skirts. Then the wind blows up the skirt. Of course. Smut. Endless smut basically. As with season one, intimate physical contact between the sexes is explicit and goes way beyond kissing. Hayato verges wildly between his lewd fascination with, and extreme embarrassment about, the adventures his ultra-harem throws him into. Ui now seems to be coping well with other girls’ towards Hayato and spends less time pouting about it. Either that or she is really, really stupid. The story concludes with a Christmas Eve party at Hayato's apartment in which all the protagonists get super chummy. “My Wife Is the Student Council President+!“ is fun-but-mindless-fan-service with some kind of story trying hard to break out. The characters are all quite likeable and it is watchable. However, if in doubt, watch alone.

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