My Sweet Tyrant

Alt title: Akkun to Kanojo

TV (25 eps x 4 min)
3.236 out of 5 from 1,667 votes
Rank #4,604

The childhood friends Akkun and Nontan are boyfriend and girlfriend. But Akkun is always saying ridiculously harsh things to Nontan as well as being cold with her and is frequently moody. But that’s just how Akkun expresses his love for Nontan. This is a high school love comedy about Akkun and Nontan, who doesn’t seem to care at all about how Akkun acts toward her.

Source: Crunchyroll

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The Boyfriend’s True Nature image

Episode 1

The Boyfriend’s True Nature

The Accustomed Girlfriend image

Episode 2

The Accustomed Girlfriend

Number of Chews image

Episode 3

Number of Chews

The Beginning Of It All image

Episode 4

The Beginning Of It All

Under the Umbrella Together image

Episode 5

Under the Umbrella Together

The Parents image

Episode 6

The Parents

Irie-san image

Episode 7


His Own Way of Studying image

Episode 8

His Own Way of Studying

Matsuo and Chiho image

Episode 9

Matsuo and Chiho

Beach Time image

Episode 10

Beach Time

The Night of the Festival image

Episode 11

The Night of the Festival

Candy Apple Hammer image

Episode 12

Candy Apple Hammer

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