My Sister, My Writer

Alt title: Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja nai

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Eromanga Sensei

Eromanga Sensei

Masamune Izumi is a high school student who writes light novels. Sagiri Izumi is a shut-in who never leaves her room. A year ago, she became Masamune’s little sister. But one day, Masamune discovers a shocking twist—The artist "Eromanga Sensei," who has been drawing illustrations for his novels, is none other than his little sister Sagiri! His cute little shut-in of a sister, who has been living under his roof, is using an obscene pen name and draws lewd illustrations?!

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Reasons you might like Eromanga Sensei...

extreme133 extreme133 says...

the premise and various tropes used sounds awfully similar to this, maybe a bit too overt compared to eromanga...

awesomedog768 awesomedog768 says...

Well so far you could tell how ecchi, incest, and most likely haremish this show is gonna be with a cold, embarrassed additude the sister gives the brother.