My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy

Alt title: Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Rabukome wo Zenryoku de Jama Shite Iru

TV (10 eps)
Fall 2013
3.813 out of 5 from 11,123 votes
Rank #2,216

Good-looking Kanade Amakusa would prefer nothing more than to have a normal high school life. But due to his "Absolute Choice", a mental curse compelling him to decide between two outrageous options such as sniffing a smutty magazine on the ground versus eating it in public, everyone thinks he’s a total weirdo! One day, the boy chooses that a beautiful girl will fall from the sky, and much to his surprise, his choice becomes reality! Her name is Chocolat, and she’s come with a message: God will strike a deal with Kanade in the form of missions that might just cure his suffering. Sounds trouble-free enough compared to what he’s already gone through - except they’re on a whole other level of extreme craziness than the choices he already makes daily! Can Kanade successfully clear these outrageous challenges, or will he be forever rejected by his classmates and remain an outcast?!

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My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy or also Noucome for short. Noucome, a little bit ecchi, a little bit harem. An ordinary show but it has a twist.Kanade, the main character, wants to live a normal highschool life but he has a mental condition which forces him to choose between a bad choice or an even worse choice. If he doesnt choose one of the two he will get massive headaches. This mental condition has given him a spot in the 'Reject 5' at school. One day he is given the choice to have a beatifull girl fall out of the sky or have his not so attractive stalker neighbour fall out of the sky. Kanade chooses option 1 and discovers this girl might hold the key to cure his mental condition. The cast reminds me of the 'Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya' cast. A bunch of strange outcast who hang out which each other.Kanade = KyonOuka = HaruhiFurano = YukiKonagi = MikuruIt is a funny bunch with Kanade and Furano as my favourites. Kanade with his hilarious condition and Furano as the socially awkward but actually cute girl. My least favourite are Ayame where most of the ecchi content originates from and Utage who is pretty funny but unrealistic and therefor out of place as the loli-sensei. The minor characters, the relaxed God (''Yo, wazzup? God here!'') and the narrator are simply brilliant. I loved how the narrator kept increasing the volume of shouting ''ERABE'' (choose) each time and how he even started laughing during one of the ridiculous choices. The show unfortunally slowly starts to focus more on the love aspect and therefor the amount of choices per episode have declined. But it still is an enjoyable anime. The show has also some great oneliners for memes. ConclusionIt is an ordinary show except for the choices Kanade has to make. These mostly perverted choices might not be everyones taste but I found them hilarious. Because of this twist the show has gotten an above average rating. ERABE!1. Watch this show and laugh till you become a drain clog!2. Watch this show and become so appaled you will eat a porn mag! PSThe OVA was my favourite with the best choices (or worst from Kanades point of view). Also note the School Days ending there. My favourite ''ERABES! / CHOOSE!'' 1. *laugh* Lift her up (Utage-sensei) and say: ''Utage-chan, upsie-daisy!'' *laugh*2. Cling to her and say: ''Yay! Mommy Utage!'' 1. Throw out your ass and say: ''Please stroke it''2. Throw out your ass and say: ''Please lick it'' 1. Make him touch your crotch and say: ''Sup, penis friend?''2. Make him touch your crotch and say: ''Say hello to my Tofu-san.''


Do you not cringe as some guy debases himself? Would you like another vapid harem with a male lead that has no business whatsoever having any girl like him? Do you want another series without resolution other than a cheap cop-out? Well have I got the show for you! Noucome is the reason why otaku culture deserves mockery. When people point out the tropes (you know which ones) and say "this is why you're all called weirdos", it is because of shows like this. Tone it down, for crying out loud. This show is what the most over the top flamboyantly gay people are to the LGBTQ community - you can't really blame them for doing their own thing without being a dick, but when people use "gay" to deride someone it is because of those guys. Don't get me wrong, I love some of the tropes. Hell, my guilty pleasures include Oreimo (with all its incestuous glory), Shimoneta (in which listing the redeeming features is far shorter than the other way around), and even Seikon no Qwaser (arguably one of the worst things ever). I will defend Btooom! and Katanagatari to film students who will give a condescending snort when Tarantino is mentioned. And despite the rampant fan service and over the top antics, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a work of art and I won't let anyone argue against that. But here I stand, seeing some great art, even enjoying some of the humor, saying that Noucome should be cast away and forgotten. If you want to look at everything bad in anime, even when it can be great on its own, even when it somehow manages to work, then look no further. This is one of the shows that makes me cringe even when I enjoy parts of it, and cringe so much harder when I don't. That being said, it's not the worst. Even through this harsh criticism, you may have noticed that good things were mentioned. Writing (story and characters): There's being in bad taste, and then there's being in bad taste and ashamed of it. Noucome is ashamed of what it is. If it the writing would learn to just not care and go through with the premise, it could have been good. When I gave the example of the flamboyant gay dude, then when the guy is so over the top and 100% himself rather than trying to be a character, then that's awesome and the guy is awesome. Here the writers have otaku blackface; they check all the boxes and all the tropes people love, but it just ends up insulting. Don't get me started on the story. The premise is a great one for comedy about a lonely guy who literally cannot help but sabotage himself. There is a way to solve his predicament, but that is where it goes wrong. Instead of stripping him of all his illusions and making it a story about how he comes to terms about himself without any deceit through repeated comedic humiliation, the story loses its bite and becomes a vapid story about how the bad things on the surface don't really matter. The story makes this yet another generic harem with a "quirky" premise. Oh, and the characters are garbage. All of them. They're so bland and generic, a mix of characters from other shows spouting copy-paste lines with cookie-cutter dialogue in order to be "kooky". Yeah well, this is about ten years too late for any of this to be even mildly original and therefore be relevant. There is zero character development, no depth, and most of all, nobody to empathize with. Yeah, I said it. Noucome has trash writing. Even with all the criticism, it's still funny at times. It still has moments where you can feel good. The anal rape jokes are a great jab at some fangirls (you know who you are). Some characters have moments where they are adorable. But that's drowned out by the writing not doing what it could do, but what instead chose to pander to the audience. The most ridiculous moment was that they actually thought there might be a sequel to this, and left the plot incomplete rather than ending it where it should have, ruining even the one good thing that Noucome had going for it (that it will actually end). Art (animation and sound): It's good. I can't take that away from Noucome even a bit. It isn't mindblowingly artistic, but it is definitely well executed. I seriously don't understand how someone could have budgeted this more generously than shows like Berserk but here it is. There are issues, don't get me wrong, but it isn't anything too bad. Well, there are issues though. Animantion is usually great in the show. It pains me to say this, but the character designs are distinctive and sharp, each character being easily identifiable and with a huge amount of blushing to increase the sexual tension. Oh yeah, overly sexualized girls in an ecchi harem is par for the course. Of course, you can't help but mention that there are moments of CG rearing its ugly head, but they aren't all that bad. The backgrounds are nice (not spectacular), there are painful moments of "scroll through still pictures" (though not a glaring issue), and the color palette is very modern and fits the tone of the show. From the audio a few things can be remembered: the opening theme is a good fit for the show. The use of synthesizers helps give the show a bit of vibrance that fits. The voice acting isn't terrible. There's just nothing particularly memorable about it. Of course it has people shouting when they shouldn't be, but that's just anime being anime. Seriously though, the art works in Noucome in a way that gives it a lot of life that it doesn't deserve. It's well done, and achieves all its goals. My only big issue is that it is wasted on the writing. Overall: I didn't entirely hate Noucome, but rather hate what it stands for. I suppose people looking for yet another "quirky" harem ecchi might like it. I personally think that as far as that goes, other shows are just plain better. It is a waste of time, and I watched it so you won't have to.


This show... I can't remember enjoying an ecchi harem as much as I did with this show, and I don't think I'll ever enjoy another one like I did in this anime. Roll the review! Story ERABE!!: This show revolves around the premise of having to choose between two, equally ridiculous choices, and being punished if you try to ignore them. This condition is known as "Absolute Choice." Our MC-kun, a highschooler, can't ignore Absolute Choice, and whenever he doesn't pick, he's given constant head pain. Most of his choices make him look like either a fool or a pervet. Then one day he was forced to choose a cute girl to fall from the sky, and thus, best girl was introduced. He then gets a call from God himself (no seriously, he does) who tells him that he must complete a series of missions to be rid of Absolute Choice. Every mission is chock full of ridiculous comedy and absolute random stupidity that makes you bust a gut laughing. The missions are pretty simple to follow so next thing you know you'll be thinking of ways for MC-kun to complete his mission. You’ll eventually start to wonder whether or not Kanade can even complete the missions. This becomes a lot whackier when his absolute choice interferes with his plans. He would oftenplan to clear his missions in a certain way, but then his curse will turn on and it’s often related to the mission at hand. When you're forced to touch the girl’s boobs or make her touch yours, completing the mission becomes all the more difficult but also undoubtedly fun. I was hooked on the first episode, and I have no doubts that even the most jaded anime fan will get hooked as well. A 10/10 story... Well, I wish I could say that. So Close Yet...: This show almost did it, it almost had a harem with perfect characters and a good story, but alas, it had to fall prey to the ultimate predator of harem shows: fan service. At the beginning of the series (episodes 1-5~) fanservice was tempered with comedy and good dialogue, but as the series drew closer to it's end, it just churned out more and more fan service. ^Was it necessary? No? BUT BEWBS^ I got the feeling that they had reached a grey area between the intro and the finale where they were worried that their clever story and enjoyable characters wouldn't be enough, so they played it safe and marketed their show towards m'dick. M'dick didn't have any complaints, but my inner critic did. I feel that had the show had tried to insert less fan service, and stuck with more lighthearted ludicry, while still keeping it's intial perversion, then it would have been perfect.  Overall, the beginning of the series was amazing, but the second part really soiled it's chances of a 10/10. Animation Very Good... But: Let it be known that I love this art style, however that doesn't change the fact that it's rather overused and lacks any real flavor that makes it stand out. It could have been better, but it's still pretty to look at and matches the show perfectly, and certainly wasn't a negative aspect of the series.  Sound Headstand Simulator: Probably one of my current favorite openings. Cute girls doing cute things, lack of tasteless panty shots, and a nice song for it (Taiyou to Tsuki no Cross” (太陽と月のCROSS) by TWO-FORMULA (Kaori Sadohara & Saeko Zougou)). Some people find it kind of lackluster, however I feel that it compliments the imagery shown in the OP perfectly.   Setting The Score: Eh? See what I did there? Score? As in the bacround track to the- ah screw it. The score wasn't too impressive by itself, however it matched and drove the scenes forward excellently. I would have made this a 10/10 had the score been a bit more substantial, but with what it had, the sound for this anime was very good and kept me happy.   Characters Ez rlly good: ... is all I can say when I think back on the characters of this show. Each of them had something to offer to the overall plot of the show, however that being said, most of the girls were incredibly one dimensional, pandering to their respective stereotype, but that isn't bad here. Let me explain: the fact that the girls are so one dimmensional serves the overal purpose of a show, because they shine the most when they interact with MC-kun. Almost all of their stereotypes are broken down in his presence, revealing characters that are vulnerable and enamored with the MC-kun, showing and driving forward legitimate romance and development. I think the most important character hidden beneath her shell of stereotypicality is Chacolat. ^-^-^Best Girl^-^-^ Chocolat, not only being the best girl, houses the strongest shell of feelings and emotions. Chacolat is the person who uses silliness and child like innocence to hide a more sensetive side. She'd want to be with a person so bad, but would also secretly be afraid or hurt if he/she rejected her. When the episode came where her true side was shown (not specifying, find it yourselves), that is when I saw her character shine, and I have to commend the show for it, because it was some of the best character writing that a harem anime could possible have. Overall the characters are incredibly weird people, whose ludicry is often the subject of the comedy of the show, especially when God forces MC-kun to do things to rid him of Absolute Choice.    Overall: I love this show. I really do. It had an amazing concept that hooked you from moment #1, characters with a good deal of depth (hidden underneath a specific trope/stereotype), comedy that kept you laughing nearly every episode, and an ending that kept you wanting more, while still being final.  I'm Not Sorry, TheOgrelord

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