My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World!

Alt title: Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life: Dai Ni no Shokugyou wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

TV (12 eps)
3.332 out of 5 from 5,270 votes
Rank #9,884

Whether at the office or at home, corporate drone Yuji Sano works all the time. So when his home PC flashes a message about him being summoned to another world, Yuji restarts his machine...only to find that he's inadvertently accepted the summons! Now in a fantasy world far removed from paperwork and computers, Yuji has just one thing on his mind: waking up from what he thinks is a dream and getting back to the mountain of work he left behind! But this other world has other plans for Yuji, who quickly discovers his Monster Tamer character class allows him to befriend slimes! And thanks to their number, those slimes help him absorb so much magical knowledge that he gains a second character class in the blink of an eye! How will Yuji wield his power now that he's the greatest sage the realm has ever known?! And what about all that paperwork?!

Source: Square Enix

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I felt nothing when watching this anime. Literally nothing. This is the first time I can't even say that "at least this anime is a good time-waster!", because it isn't even good at that. Time DRAGGED ON while I watched this Anime. Literally everything you see in this anime is generic, cliche, overused, emotionless, no sense of tension, nothing. The only people who would enjoy this are those new to anime, who are ignorant and don't know that this studio literally wipped up this random crap in a week or two then tried to make a quick buck from it, or those who don't realise that there is quite literally ZERO risk or consequence from anything that the protagonist becomes involved in. The protagonist just walks around killing enemies the way you would when farming in the same location for many hours in an MMORPG - boring and repetitive, however in this case there is no reward towards the end, neither any character development, nor a large harem forms, not even any noteworthy fanservice, literally NOTHING! THIS ANIME IS NOTHING. I CAN'T NAME A SINGLE QUALITY THAT MAKES THIS ANIME SOMETHING THAT ANYONE ABOVE THE AGE OF 3 WOULD EVER CARE ABOUT! The animation is the worst I've seen in a while too. Lots of staring contests mid-battle, and LOTS of re-used frames and ideas throughout it. The main spells you will see being used are "magic shield" and "fireball" throughout this anime, and the "bosses" are always based around DRAGONS. Out of all the creatures the writer/studio could have picked, they pick dragons. Yes, it's THAT level of cliche. And they just keep on using the dragons theme throughout the anime. Just dragons and dragons and dragons and dragons. Oh and also crazy cult people! Because THAT has definitely NOT been done before!! (did I mention bombs? Yeah. Lots of explosions, because that's suuuper exciting, right?) They show all these cool flashy interfaces and spells that the protagonist uses, but in reality it never amounts to anything interesting. Even the slimes which provide "commentary" are literally there just to make the kids who watch this go "woooow" as the slime shouts "woow look at that fireball!!", "it's so big!". So many of these cheap and worthless tricks in which they tried to make this anime seem "exciting" and "epic", or clearly targeted at 1y/o kids. When ultimately even the protagonist is purposefully emotionless, to save on budget of course, because why else would anyone think that lack of emotion is an interesting trait in a character? I've already been generous with the rating as-is. But it was painful watching this anime. Probably won't even watch the last episode because it's obvious what will happen... edit: Well I ultimately watched the last episode because I'm quite literally a masochist, and who would have guessed... what happened will definitely shock you! Because for the 1st time ever, streaming this anime was a complete waste of bandwidth. edit2: forgive the excessive formatting in the middle paragraph, but I had to share a glimpse of how baffled I was while I was watching this anime. I was absolutely stunned at how something like this could ever become a "TV Series", because in that case it means everyone has a chance at having their own anime, without even needing to put in any effort. Let me repeat, this anime is labelled as "TV", meaning, this was shown ON TELEVISION in certain countries on certain channels. I would have quit paying for my TV Service and thrown my TV out of the window if I saw something like this broadcasted.

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