My Hero Academia The Movie: Two Heroes

Alt title: Boku no Hero Academia The Movie: Futari no Hero

Movie (1 ep x 96 min)
4.482 of 5 from 1,403 votes
Rank #106
My Hero Academia The Movie: Two Heroes

The climactic finals are over, and U.A. is getting ready for the summer training camp. Deku and All Might receive an invitation from a certain person to go overseas to a giant artificial moving city called I-Island. This island, a kind of “science Hollywood” that gathers the knowledge of scientists from around the world, is holding an exhibition called I-Expo showcasing the results of Quirk and hero item research. In the midst of all this, Deku meets a Quirkless girl named Melissa and remembers his own Quirkless past. Out of the blue, the impregnable security system the island boasts is hacked by villains, and all the people on the island are taken as hostages! Now, a plan that could shake hero society has been put into motion! The man who holds the key to it all is the number one hero and Symbol of Peace, All Might.

Source: Funimation

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roriconfan Aug 14, 2018
Score 3.5/10

Like all filler movies of this kind, you shouldn’t expect much in terms of plot or any meaningful character development. The premise is about the heroes going on a trip to an island where you can freely use your superpowers (something which is there just for convenience and doesn’t have in-series logic). It’s supposed to be a secret trip where only the main character and his mentor will take... read more

llamalicious525's avatar
llamalicious525 Oct 6, 2018
Score 7/10

Two Heroes was a fun movie if you love the series. My main problem with it is that it starts out very slow. The plot doesn't really start until the bad guys attack. I felt that the first half hour could have been condensed. The animation was great. It lets many of class 1A have a chance to shine. The climatic plot point becomes obvious, but offers a positive outcome. My main disappointment is we have nothing... read more

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