My Hero Academia Movie 3: World Heroes' Mission

Alt title: Boku no Hero Academia Movie 3: World Heroes' Mission

Movie (1 ep x 101 min)
4.08 out of 5 from 4,013 votes
Rank #682
My Hero Academia Movie 3: World Heroes' Mission

When a sinister organization threatens to wipe out all superhuman powers, the fate of the world is on the line. With two hours until the collapse of civilization, Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki manage to work as a team, but there’s still one problem. Deku’s on the run for murder.

Source: Funimation

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**NO SPOILERS** The story was confusing but great. It got to the point quickly (maybe too quickly lol) and didn't leave a moment's rest. It was often confusing and followed a plot that at first didn't have a clear end goal, but after a while it got clear what it was. Obviously, it being BNHA, it did follow some cliches, but personally I didn't mind that much. The animation was, as expected, smooth, crisp and well-done. Only in big fight/actionscenes, though. In some still scenes there were some funny-looking faces. But since this movie was mainly actionscenes, you shouldn't be too bothered while watching. The sound is a 10/10 on itself. I had goosebumps. The quality was outstanding. However, sometimes it was a little loud, but you could still hear everything going on. If the movie gets an online release, you'll be able to alter volume yourself, so that's fine that way. The main characters that were part of the original series didn't get any background information or even that much screentime, (with a few exceptions,) but the pace of the movie doesn't let you think about this. Some newly added characters, however, did get background stories, since motives would be unclear. The approach was good and information was revealed when needed.  Overall the movie was great, I had been less interested in BNHA for a while, but this movie didn't dissapoint. 8/10. Edit: it's been over a year and I revisited this review. I now think I gave the movie a too high score, so I'll change that. Story: 8/10 to 6/10 (very average), animation: stays 8/10 (usual bnha quality), sound: 9/10 to 7/10 (not memorable), characters: 8/10 to 7/10 (not memorable). Overall: 8/10 to 6/10. Thank you. 

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