My Hero Academia 6

Alt title: Boku no Hero Academia 6

TV (10+ eps)
2022 - ?
Fall 2022
4.339 out of 5 from 1,847 votes
Rank #106

The sixth season of My Hero Academia.

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This review will contain spoilers for My Hero Academia My Hero Academia is a show that lots have said failed to live up to the hype. After the completion of season 5, most even went as far as to bash it. The arrival of season 6 gives My Hero Academia a chance to redeem itself. This current season starts strong. It gets right into the fighting. With the manga being as popular as it is, everyone already knew what to expect from this season. They knew this would start a brutal war, the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. So far, all the episodes that have aired have been great. Story The story is well done. Something that happens in episode 3 doesn't just happen before everybody moves on. It continues to linger through the next few episodes. People have consequences for their actions. I feel like every character showed lots of emotion over a single sentence. Everything everyone was saying had meaning. They got right into the task. This season made the viewer feel things as well. It has everything that makes someone watching sit on the edge of their seat. Every time one episode ends, it leaves the excitement for next week's episode. The cliffhangers are great. ;) Animation The quality of the animation gets better every season. The characters were very detailed. Even in moments where it was mostly someone's silhouette, you could tell who it was. Not only that, just a simple clip of a character's face could tell you an entire story. Sound The voice actors did well. You could tell how someone felt with their voice alone. The intro was great because you'd have a line like "Let's end the world" (as an example), and then an upbeat cartoony introduction would start. This intro was a lot better than season 5s. The actual singing was good, and the theme of it was fluid and consistent. Characters Nothing drastic changed about most characters (this does not include Toga, Twice and Hawks), which is a good thing. Lots of mini "reveal" happened with the single fight with Hawks Vs. Dabi and Twice. Once again, their faces expressed their emotions well, and so did their words. The characters were good. So if you were debating watching My Hero Academia Season 6, I say go for it :)

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