My First Girlfriend is a Gal

Alt title: Hajimete no Gal

TV (10 eps)
3.077 of 5 from 4,537 votes
Rank #4,741
My First Girlfriend is a Gal

A new school term begins, as does the season of new encounters. As he surveys his class full of couples, Hashiba Jun'ichi's mind is filled with distress as he asks himself, "Why am I still a virgin?!" Having heard from his friends that the easiest way to fulfill his long-standing desire to graduate from the fellowship of virgins is to kowtow to a gal, Jun'ichi does exactly that and asks his classmate Yukana out. And unbelievably, she actually agrees to date him. What will become of Jun'ichi from now on?

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My First Time Begging for It image

Episode 1

My First Time Begging for It

My First Karaoke image

Episode 2

My First Karaoke

My First Spray-On Gal image

Episode 3

My First Spray-On Gal

My First Serious Gal image

Episode 4

My First Serious Gal

My First Half-Assed Gal image

Episode 5

My First Half-Assed Gal

My First Time at Yame-san's House image

Episode 6

My First Time at Yame-san's House

My First Job image

Episode 7

My First Job

My First Trip image

Episode 8

My First Trip

My First Fight image

Episode 9

My First Fight

My First Confession image

Episode 10

My First Confession

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xXDarkVikingXx's avatar
xXDarkVikingXx Jul 15, 2017
Score 7/10

Okay, I knew what I signed up for when I saw the Ecchi tag, and I usually like the combination of ecchi and comedy quite a bit, but this... With this anime, you have ecchi as close to hentai as you could get. Which isnt necessarily a bad thing, I mean, if you don't like ecchi, just don't watch it. There's quite a bit. The story (will) revolve around Junichi, a typical protagonist like in a few other animes of... read more

Varagauzer's avatar
Varagauzer Sep 19, 2017
Score 2/10

Its pretty obvious from the description what you're getting into and to be fair I was fine with that, I don't mind a bit of ecchi and fanservice now and then, so I was just looking to kick back and relax and enjoy some mindless humor and ecchi. But I made the mistake of watching this fucking show Let's cut to the chase here, a guy(your standard harem protagonist, he's got nothing special or new about him and... read more

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