Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

TV (24 eps)
3.535 out of 5 from 3,868 votes
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The year is 1973 when the BETA, a race of aliens discovered on the moon, first arrive on Earth and begin their systematic extermination of the human race. Mankind's only hope lies with Tactical Surface Fighters, or TSFs, piloted by both military elite and would-be trainees such as Yui Takamura, a young girl descended from a long line of Imperial Guards. Alongside other amateurs, she finds herself on the front lines of a final defense against the bloodthirsty monsters, unaware of the brutal consequence that awaits them. Three years later, Yuuya Bridges, a half-Japanese, half-American pilot, is assigned to an elite United Nations squadron tasked with developing new TSFs to beat back the alien forces. As humanity struggles to survive, Yuuya must come to terms with his biases in dealing with both his teammates' and other culture’s tactical fighters, including the veteran pilot Yui Takamura herself.

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The Imperial Capital Burns - Part 1 image

Episode 1

The Imperial Capital Burns - Part 1

The Imperial Capitol Burns - Part 2 image

Episode 2

The Imperial Capitol Burns - Part 2

Verdant Yukon image

Episode 3

Verdant Yukon

A Flock of Hazy Moons image

Episode 4

A Flock of Hazy Moons

The Right Stuff image

Episode 5

The Right Stuff

Ultramarine image

Episode 6


Wanderer's Whereabouts image

Episode 7

Wanderer's Whereabouts

The Far East Front Lines image

Episode 8

The Far East Front Lines

Falling Tears image

Episode 9

Falling Tears

Premonition image

Episode 10


BETA Offensive image

Episode 11

BETA Offensive

The End of a Deadly Battle image

Episode 12

The End of a Deadly Battle

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roriconfan's avatar
roriconfan Aug 14, 2012
Score 3/10

- Animation is done by studio Satelight. Besides Noein I didn’t like any of their other numerous shows. Their budgets are average to good but they never try too much to create quality shows and anything they do is usually nothing more than dumb fun. 
- Directing is done by Inagaki Takayuki, who is a bit known for his work in Desert Punk and... read more

BlurredExistence's avatar
BlurredExistence Apr 3, 2015
Score 2/10

Ok, i'll start off by saying that this is probably going to be more of a rant than an actual review and to get into the depths of the things that really pissed me off about this abysmal anime i'm probably going to have to go into spoiler territory so with that in mind and that this may go on for a bit the tl;dr: Watch episodes 1 & 2 of this anime and then throw the rest in the bin, DO NOT WATCH THE REST... read more

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