Music Girls

Alt title: Ongaku Shoujo

TV (12 eps)
2.319 out of 5 from 250 votes
Rank #8,422

Haru Chitose, Eri Kumagai, Sarasa Ryuoh, Kiri Mukae, Uori Mukae, Sasame Mitsukuri, Miku Nishio, Hiyo Yukino, Shupe Gushiken, Kotoko Kintoki, and Roro Morooka are the eleven members of "Music Girls," an idol group produced by Pine Records. However, they're a third-rate idol group that can't seem to sell CDs at all. But even though they're obscure and constantly in debt, the members and their producer, Ikebashi, are all trying their hardest. Ikebashi gets the idea that Music Girls needs a new member—an idol who can light a fire under them so that they can grasp success!

Source: Crunchyroll

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A One-in-a-Million Idol image

Episode 1

A One-in-a-Million Idol

Don't Take Idols Lightly! image

Episode 2

Don't Take Idols Lightly!

Idols, Heart, Resonance! image

Episode 3

Idols, Heart, Resonance!

Naked Idols! image

Episode 4

Naked Idols!

An Idol's Recipe image

Episode 5

An Idol's Recipe

Meat and Idols image

Episode 6

Meat and Idols

Put Idols' Tears on an Airplane... image

Episode 7

Put Idols' Tears on an Airplane...

Can't Stop the Idols image

Episode 8

Can't Stop the Idols

Being an Idol isn't Easy image

Episode 9

Being an Idol isn't Easy

A Song, A Young Girl, & An Idol image

Episode 10

A Song, A Young Girl, & An Idol

The Ultimate Idol image

Episode 11

The Ultimate Idol

Shining Piece image

Episode 12

Shining Piece

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