Mushishi Zoku Shou 2nd Season

Alt title: Mushishi -Next Passage- 2nd Season

TV (10 eps)
Fall 2014
4.376 out of 5 from 6,771 votes
Rank #69
Mushishi Zoku Shou 2nd Season

Continuation of Mushishi Zoku Shou.

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Story Mushishi Zoku Shou 2 is an episodic series based around Ginko a Mushi Master who must travel the country helping those being affected my Mushi, which are ubiquitous creatures with supernatural powers, but are primitive and ancient. Most humans are unable to see them, but some can be affected in a variety of ways. In this season we catch a glimpse into Gink's past, see why he wears his hair in front of one of his eyes, why he must keep on the move and how he learnt his skills. The beauty of this series is the slow paced nature of the story telling and how the feelings of the characters creates the story.  There is good reason why this series remains in the top ten of manga. Animation Without doubt one of the most beautifully created animes ever made. The attention to detail is everywhere, I can only imagine how long it took create the scenes. In contrast the characters are very basic, made to look ordinary, and I think that this is a huge part of it's charm. Sound The opening song by Lucy Rose (  is beautiful, her haunting voice is the perfect introduction to each episode. Again the attention to detail in the sounds of nature are impressive as well as realistic. The voice actors are understated, and I have yet to be irritated by squeeky female actors, which is a personal pet peev. Characters This is an episodic series, the only re-occuring character is Ginko, and actually until this season, we learn very little about him. That said, that really doesn't matter, each episode is a perfect story within itself. Ginko's character infact is meant to be unassuming, and the characters of each episode take centre stage, without once being over bearing. Overall As you can tell I am a huge fan of this show and I was delighted when a new season was announced. Is is not high drama, fast paced, loved up anime. It is Japanese story telling at its best. Enjoy!


There are none so blind as those who will not see.All that glitters is not gold. I think this is the proverbial saying that describes the anime Mushishi the best. At first glance, there is nothing special about it - a simple story of a traveler, who studies mysterious phenomena throughout Japan, gloomy and atmospheric. But it is worth taking a closer look, and you can no longer take your eyes off the splendor in front of you. It is rare to find an episodic anime that rivals a quality book, but Mushishi is one of these gems. The number of problems and ideas raised in every episode is really great, and it is a huge pleasure to analyze them. Although every episode tells a story about the same thing, about mushishi, it does not matter. Every episode is different, it touches upon different people, who have different views on the world, different psychology: one is ready for self-sacrifice, the other is not and many many more. Perhaps, Mushishi is the only anime that perfectly depicts the country and the people of Japan.In a nutshellMushi are creatures invisible to the ordinary human eye; they are an intermediate link between spirits and animals. Only a few people can see them and those who can become mushishi; they share information about mushi and help people understand that mushi should not be treated lightly. This sometimes leads to deaths and great sufferings, this is when mushishi come to solve a possible crisis to come. However, mushi are not trying to kill people. They are just yet other living beings, who are neither alive, nor dead. The problem, however, is that many people are not even aware about the existence of mushi and only know the stories. Mushishi tells a story of Ginko, who is a mushishi, who unlike his colleagues tries to help people without hurting either of the sides. This, however, changes when one of the parties decides to abuse peaceful coexistential life.PlotMushishi is a rare masterpiece because of the fact that while there are 26 episodes in the first season, every episode is very unique: one has comedy, the other horror, the other tragedy and they are simply amazing. What I mean is that every episode has a unique emotional background - there are horror stories in Mushishi, like about mushi controlling dead bodies and heartwarming stories that will make you smile. The fantasy of the author of the original manga is amazing - I cannot even imagine how so many original ideas could be born in one head. I understand that she borrowed a lot from Shinto myths and legends, which, in no way, diminishes the merits of the mangaka. The plot is the strongest reason for you to watch Mushishi.Mushishi’s main message is for us to respect the world around us. Mushishi teaches us not to be afraid of the unknown, because fear leads to ignorance and more mistakes. Mushi are like poisonous snakes. If you do not know how to handle them, or, even worse, you start teasing them, they will bite you, and only you will be the one to blame. However, in a person's head, danger is equated with evil, and evil must be fought against. Mushishi shows that, as a result, such an unnecessary struggle leads to losses on both sides, and there are no winners. Ginko has repeatedly argued that in any situation there is a peaceful outcome, and he is, of course, right. However, Ginko is not a delusional idiot. Sometimes he is ready to kill and give up on those, who cannot be helped.CharactersIn Mushishi, there is only one main character - Ginko and he is simply a pure genius that is perfect for such a role. His calm nature and manner of speech just help you appreciate the beauty of Mushishi. When you see Ginko, you understand that he will put things in order, because such a confident person simply cannot be wrong. A pleasant character, an original appearance, a developed mind, a willingness to come to the rescue, and the presence of moral principles that he adheres to - all this makes Ginko a first-class protagonist that only a fool will find boring. More than that, the anime perfectly shows the backstory of Ginko, which helps you appreciate his character even more.As good as Ginko is, without quality supporting characters, anime would never have succeeded. You can rest assured. The supporting characters are as good as the main character. It is possible that you will not remember everyone, but their stories will be deeply engraved in your memory. Some will be hated, some you will love and you will relate to them. And this is simply amazing, watching anime without thinking is just boring. Just think for a second, what would I do, if I were him? Would I be able to find the best way to resolve a crisis? Even if you just want to watch the anime without thinking, it is fine, too. You can just savior the beauty of Mushishi even without analyzing it at all.ArtArt wise, you might feel that there are not that many colors for Mushishi to offer, it would be wrong to think so. Mushishi depicts medieval Japan that is occupied by monotonous forests and mountains, peasants surviving exclusively through agriculture and fishing and where feudal traditions are stronger than ever. The life of the people is short and difficult; if you have bad health, your parents will not let you be a hikikomori and watch anime as much as you want. Those who are not ready to work hard are not needed and the best case scenario is that you will be simply cast off. Most of the girls cannot decide who to marry, your parents will decide the person, who will become your nearest and dearest. What is more, most likely you will need to give birth not to simply one, but to three-four kids, so that they will help you with your live. Chances are, one or two will die and two will survive and many many more. This is what the life back then was, it was horrible. That is why the colors used in Mushishi are a perfect choice.MusicMusic wise, there are not that many OST pieces for me to mention, because Mushishi is an anime that focuses on nature, on small details that we are too blind to notice. While there are a few OST pieces, that are mostly played by traditional Japanese musical instruments, the main focus of this anime is sounds of nature - the rustle of the wind, the flow of water, the chirping of cicadas, and other minor rustles, which, when combined, create an incredibly atmospheric spectacle. You can close your eyes and imagine yourself being a Mushishi and exploring the beautiful world of Mushishi. However, the best thing for me to mention is, of course, the voice acting. If I were you, I would watch Mushishi in Japanese only. The voice actors did an amazing job helping make Mushishi that amazing.CriticismMushishi is one of these rare gems that is flawless. Mushishi is what Japan is and it is one of these anime that you can watch with your friends, girlfriend and you can be 100% sure that they will not think that anime is just some hentai tentacle porn, but an art that is sometimes amazingly beautiful and very enjoyable to discover.OverallBeautiful anime from any point of view, which some people will not like. It is one of these anime you watch for the first time and think what a boring anime, for the second watch you will enjoy it and for the third time you will see the beauty of it. It is one of these anime you can rewatch as many times as you want and you will never be bored of it. It is one of the best examples of the anime that perfectly depicts the country and the people of Japan. I cannot think of a simple reason for you not to watch Mushishi, so if you still have not, do watch it.

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