Murder Princess

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It is the year 672, in the Cyndina Era. Alita is the princess of the kingdom of Forland – a kingdom filled with dark secrets, which tend to attract the attention of friend and foe alike. After the evil scientist Dr. Akamashi infiltrates Forland and massacres all of the nobles, Alita escapes and literally runs into a bounty hunter named Falis -- an action which will change her life forever. For Alita and Falis inadvertently switched bodies, and now, Falis must take up the role of the princess to fight for the kingdom and protect its citizens. In exchange, Alita (the real princess) will give up her body, soul, and the kingdom to Falis. What dark secrets does Forland hide, and what will be the fate of the new Princess Alita?

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Story: This was an early anime I watched. To be quite honest, the story was solid, however the way it was told would've been vastly improved if there'd been more than 6 episodes. After the finale, I found myself thinking how abrupt it was and how much I wanted to see what happened after, or perhaps a bit more meat in between the beginning and end. The good thing about it being so short was that there was no filler and the story was anything but slow paced. Animation: I am no judge of good or bad animation. The movements were smooth and the character designs were memorable (in a good way.) My only problem was that there were moments when blood seemed like it was coming out of a firehose instead of a person. Sound: The OP was awesome! The ED wasn't memorable. The voice acting I can only judge the dub, but all the actors were great for their roles. Characters: More could've gone into them. I wish we'd had more time to hear about Falis's childhood or Cecilia's reason for being a Big Bad (although some might argue that was explained fine) They were good characters, however, who all served their purposes to the story well. Overall: Murder Princess is one of favourite animes, no real reason why. Of course I will always feel that they could've told a bigger story even though the manga doesn't tell a bigger story. Being only 6 episodes it's worth watching for anyone who likes action, but romance is only ever hinted at so hardcore romance fans may want to pass on it.


Watch this anime at your own risk ;). This has spoilers in it because this anime IS NOT WORTH WATCHING. I didn't actually check anime planet before watching this. I was in the mood for an ecchi or some boobs so I clicked on this turd. News flash.. This isn't an ecchi.... ;~~~; --- Story Somehow, there is a story in this although I think the writers need to go back and read a few manga or watch some other anime to properly implement it. What pisses me off is there really was some cool concepts in this anime and they just failed. I don't know if this anime was cancelled but it certainly deserved to be... The anime starts out at the speed of light. They introduce three 3 villains, a random army, a castle under siege, a dying king, the army of said kingdom, the princess, her stand in, Frodo's grandpa(the midget advisor), three bounty hunters. All of these people you know nothing about and never will because this anime sucks. The story centers around them trying to take back that kingdom and cope with fact that the only two hot chicks in this anime switched bodies. That happens in the first episode too mind you... The princess is the key to lost technology that mankind had created which they eventually used to destroy themselves. So they stuck it away for hundreds of years in a kingdom no one cares about... Including the viewer. ---Sound I rated this anime so poorly on sound based on the music they CONSTANTLY played throughout it. It was just this generic rock crap... Which is appropriate because of how generic this anime is. I'll say that the voices matched the characters and the start music wasn't all that bad. It was music during the anime that was terrible. It sounds like some guy had a hard on for 60's rock music and decided to imitate it in a garage. ---Characters The Characters for the most part... Are just awful. I will admit they do get better closer to the end of it. As you learn a mircoscopic amount more about the characters it's just barely enough to keep me limping on along this beater. The Murder Princess and the actual princess are the two strongest characters of this master piece. The crappy part is, the murder princess loses her personality, which was about the only reason I was watching this. There's the two additional bounty hunters. Your first look at these guys is... Wow... Those guys look lame. And you're right, they are. There's the skeleton looking dude who seems to have his head on straight and is typically the voice of reason. I'm pretty sure they put that guy in so they didn't have to draw his mouth moving. There's the second bounty hunter who's retarded and adds almost nothing at all to the anime. --- Villains The DR. Is drawn by someone who just got done watching Frankenstein. He plays a minor part in the story and he's almost completely unexplained. You know that he's the bad guy... He's going to do bad things because he's the bad guy. He's actually getting manipulated by a smarter bad guy. Oh, also that he's created additional bad guys who do bad things. The two robotic girls - Cute girls that compliment each other's personalities. They also play a minor role in the story. They do add a little bit though. Like a pinch of salt relative to a whole field of uncooked potatoes. The witch - ... I guess there's three hot chicks in this anime. YAY. Well she's intelligent and the one doing the manipulating. Her reasons for trying to destroy the world is lame as balls. Her reasons for killing the Murder Princess's family is just as lame. I did enjoy the twist that she's actually not a witch but a relic from Mankind's bloody past. Pretty cool but they don't go into that too deeply. The prince - This character is just so bad.. But he does play a role in the anime. I think it's safe to assume that he's being manipulated by the witch but you don't know. I think it's the sword he was using... Pretty sure it was... Not hundred percent on that. ---- The ending The ending was one of the few redeeming parts about this anime because it kills off almost all of the characters that the writer vomited to life. Seriously though, I thought the ending wasn't that bad. I don't know why other reviewers said this anime is bloody. It's really not compared to a lot of anime I've seen. There's almost no themes in this that would make an experienced anime watcher's eyebrow raise. The violence, gore, language, and nudity are all very tame. If you somehow enjoyed this anime then I would recommend Akema Ga Kill!

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