Murder Princess

OVA (6 eps)
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It is the year 672, in the Cyndina Era. Alita is the princess of the kingdom of Forland – a kingdom filled with dark secrets, which tend to attract the attention of friend and foe alike. After the evil scientist Dr. Akamashi infiltrates Forland and massacres all of the nobles, Alita escapes and literally runs into a bounty hunter named Falis -- an action which will change her life forever. For Alita and Falis inadvertently switched bodies, and now, Falis must take up the role of the princess to fight for the kingdom and protect its citizens. In exchange, Alita (the real princess) will give up her body, soul, and the kingdom to Falis. What dark secrets does Forland hide, and what will be the fate of the new Princess Alita?

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Story: This was an early anime I watched. To be quite honest, the story was solid, however the way it was told would've been vastly improved if there'd been more than 6 episodes. After the finale, I found myself thinking how abrupt it was and how much I wanted to see what happened after, or perhaps a bit more meat in between the beginning and end. The good thing about it being so short was that there was no filler and the story was anything but slow paced. Animation: I am no judge of good or bad animation. The movements were smooth and the character designs were memorable (in a good way.) My only problem was that there were moments when blood seemed like it was coming out of a firehose instead of a person. Sound: The OP was awesome! The ED wasn't memorable. The voice acting I can only judge the dub, but all the actors were great for their roles. Characters: More could've gone into them. I wish we'd had more time to hear about Falis's childhood or Cecilia's reason for being a Big Bad (although some might argue that was explained fine) They were good characters, however, who all served their purposes to the story well. Overall: Murder Princess is one of favourite animes, no real reason why. Of course I will always feel that they could've told a bigger story even though the manga doesn't tell a bigger story. Being only 6 episodes it's worth watching for anyone who likes action, but romance is only ever hinted at so hardcore romance fans may want to pass on it.


After her father is murdered and her kingdom overthrown, Princess Alita finds herself on the run for her life when she, quite literally runs into the bounty hunter Falis. A bizarre set of circumstances, including a near death experience, the two women wake to find they have switched bodies. With a skilled swords woman trapped in her body, Alita convinces Falis to work for her and take back her rightful throne. If any of you have ever seen the anime Bastard and you enjoyed it, then you definitely need to check this one out. It is a non-pretentious anime with a female lead who kicks ass (and does it very well) and there isn’t anything much deeper than that. It did not take a lot of convincing for me to watch this. At all. Down to the nitty gritty, the story is to the point. This is a 6 episode series so it gets right down to it by necessity. However, I found myself wanting more! It is pretty action packed and does not leave much room for pondering the deeper meanings of life (or death, since we’re on that subject). Any hint at a serious, heartfelt moment is whisked away immediately by either death or humor. Speaking of humor, there is plenty. I mean, the initial bad guys are two little girl robots. Its silliness is surpassed only by its hilarity. The music is just as kickass as the action. A bit on the metalish side, but it fits well. Now, to the problem. And it really isn’t as much of a problem as one would think. Murder Princess, in spite of the gushing blood and severed body parts, looks like…well…a cartoon. It lacks any sort of realistic appeal in the character design and backgrounds and while at first I found that the colors were bright and the lines were clean and everything was really pretty, it really kind of takes away from the series as a whole. Despite its cartoony appearance, I do not recommend Murder Princess for anyone under the age of 16. It is pretty bloody. Overall, I give Murder Princess an 7/10. Enjoy.


Um, this show is a bit awkward in that it’s about a princess and a swords woman switching bodies. It’s somewhat funny seeing a sweet and loveable princess is turned into a warrior maniac though. The true princess is actually rather strong in some aspects, as she had to see her father and her best friend die. Throughout the show, I had a great feeling of Yuri coming from the relationship of Alita and Falis. It’s really a strong feeling because Alita’s always looks up to Falis a lot for her strength and power. Though one big question I have is that how can Falis have enough strength and agility within Alita’s body. Alita’s body isn’t made for fighting but it was able to not get a broken bone in her body when smashed into the wall. I do have a little problem with the ‘kawaii’ little characters being the bad guy robots. Dr. Akamashi must have had some sort of fetish for little girls because I have no idea what other reason he would do that to them. It doesn’t help that his head looks like an onion but he seems to have the brains of one for a moment. And not to mention that one girl is the cute innocent personality and the other is a rather dark and mean spirited personality. There is a strange base to the time period in time where rockets are old technology. It’s strange because most of this is set within a more medieval period with the addition to magic. To have technology over all makes things a bit odd. I’m a fan of some of these shows but not when the technology is so far advanced that it feels out of wack. They do give us a strange reason for it, but I still don’t get why we need the kawaii kids though. Animation is nicely done though it seems that some of Pete Armstrong, the purple person, his scar seems to move around a bit around his mouth. The demons seem a bit interesting in their design but I seriously think that they don’t ALL need horns. Almost every demon I saw had horns of some kind on there body. I’m not really bothered by the fact that Dominikov doesn’t really move his mouth when he talks, because he doesn’t seem to hinder the anime in any way. Oh my god the English voices! The little robot girl’s voices sound like they had been smoking a million packs a day! For crying out loud, why does there voice have to be so gravel-ly? Some others are a little high pitched but overall it seems alright. I don’t think we really need the stupid narrator though. It tries to make it more epic then it actually is. In the end, I guess it was pretty good and I have to say I give it props for a anime that you will not guess how it ends. Seriously, you would probably not be able to guess.

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