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Although the worlds of heaven and earth used to exist as one, they are now seperated by the boundaries of time and space. As the towers of heaven begin to fall, Munto, the magical king, descends to earth in a seemingly futile attempt to find the chosen one who can stop the worlds from being destroyed.

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Warning: You will not get this the first time you watch it.Now that that's cleared up.I have to say, this OVA confused me at the very least. The story was sort of all-over-the-place, not quite sticking to what had been established at the beginning. It starts out with a seemingly unexplained explosion of sorts, accompanied by the usual panic and disarray. It then proceeds to launch into a discussion between two characters that have not been introduced, though it is short lived, as one throws himself off of a building with no warning whatsoever.The whole first scene looks like it could have been extended another ten minutes, maybe providing the first three quarters of the conversation between what is later revealed to be Munto and Gass.Another thing about the first scene? It seemed like Munto leaving for Earth (and no, not a spoiler, they make a huge deal about it in the first five minutes) was a pretty monumental thing to do, but he just sorta fell. Almost like it was just on a whim. I can't say with certainty that he had been planning it beforehand, because Gass's reaction shows that he isn't too surprised at the measures Munto takes, but still. They could have maybe said that somewhere in there. In any case, the beginning was hard to follow.The animation was decent, but not something that would motivate you to watch this again. There really isn't much to say about it, truthfully.The music was nice, but forgettable. I can't think of a single instance in which it didn't fit, but none of it compelled me to re-listen to any of it.The seiyuu added almost no emotion to their respective characters. I didn't see the English version, so I can't say if it's better or not, but be forewarned.The characters on earth, except maybe for Yumeni, were bland and cliché, with not a lot of attention to detail, but they had kindred spirits and were easy to sympathize with. The characters in the sky-islands, however, were beautifully created with no personality. They didn't seem cold, per say, but it seemed like most of them were there to take up space and time.An unexplained (and better left untampered with, because any attempts to reason with it will just confuse you further) was how one of Yumeni's friends, who was extremely forgettable except for this scene, got 'married' to her 'boyfriend'. Their marriage consisted of her on the back of her boyfriend, who was swimming across an unnamed river while about fifty people looked on. About half wanted them to stop, while Yumeni and her other friend cheered hem on, despite their adamant stand against it only ten minutes prior.Also, it was unclear of who was evil, who was good, and just who anyone was in general. There's a council who appear to be be good, but then try to kill Munto. Gass is portrayed as a demi-god who wants to take over the world, but in the end, he tries to save everyone. Someone who kept fighting Gass is never explained, nor are her 'troops', but then she teams up with him in yet another (confusing) turn of events.There are also two supporting characters who just watch Munto and Yumeni in turn, commentators, if you will. They felt like the biggest waste of space to me. Not that they were an eyesore, far from it. But I found myself drawn to the simple, peaceful life of Yumeni and her school friends.Overall? I liked it, despite the confusing nature and blandness. Not something I'd watch again, but I'd follow up on the sequel, maybe watch the TV series. It wasn't horrible, nothing special either. I recommend it if you want some mindless action sequences between a giant yellow monster (the second best explained character on the OVA) and a semi-dying, red-haired guy.

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