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A high school girl named Minami Kawashima becomes the baseball team manager at Tokyo's Hodokubo High School. Minami accidentally buys Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices — a classic productivity guide by the Austrian-American management guru Peter Drucker — and uses it to rally her dispirited team.

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Mykorrhiza May 7, 2011
Score 9/10

First off the story. It evolves around a Highschool Baseball Team and Minami, a Highschool Girl who overtakes the manager duties for her ill friend Yuki (whom is bedridden in the hospital). Minami has not all too much knowledge about a managers job, therefore she bought a book named "Management" (I don't know the original title) written by Peter Ferdinand Drucker (He died 5 years ago, a world renowned... read more

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eaper May 16, 2011
Score 8.3/10

Personally, I find baseball, by and large, to be incredebly boring. This leads me to steer clear of baseball anime, but, in this case, I heard taht this is more of a "management" series than a baseball one, persay. Also, the idea that they were releasing an episode a day (although being during finals time, thus making it impossible for me to keep up) was very intriguing. Anyways, on to the review... read more



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