SFP (Safe For Parents) Watchlistby linspoppa

Let's be honest, we've all prayed for our parents to not enter our rooms when gratuitous fanservice pops up in an episode. There's a plot ma', not just "plot" dammit! So I'm compiling a list of anime that's safe to watch around...

Top Ten Bad Guy Turned Good Guy Animeby Ebonyslayer

The point of the list is to show good examples of characters, not necessarily protagonists, who undergo character change and give their lives a good direction to follow.

anime for older adultsby Stela

grown-up characters and more complex themes; anime I appreciated as I got older because they had interesting things to say and food for thought, so this list leans towards the serious side, I guess

Quality anime that takes place outside Japanby linspoppa

Since a lot of anime is ethnocentric, it's difficult to find series that explore foreign places. The story can be set in a fantasy world, a different country or switch between multiple countries. I don't count fillers or short...

Anime With Good English Dubsby usagiblossom

Simply put, anime that actually have great dubs that don't make the show any less enjoyable than the original. Will continue to add onto this list. In no particular order!

Best Animes From 2004by Halex

This was a great year for anime with a plethora of genres & themes exploding and moving the anime forward with amazing ideas. I only included the animes I have watched from over these years. I'm not including Sequels when quality...

Best of the Best - Soundtracksby PaladinAlchemist

I'm an anime soundtrack junkie. These are my personal favorite anime soundtracks. I highly recommend everyone give them a listen.

Best of the Best - Animeby PaladinAlchemist

These are the best of the best anime I've seen so far, and ones I either do own or would own on DVD. All of these come highly recommended. 1 entry per franchise.