Monster Strike the Animation

Web (32+ eps)
2018 - ?
Summer 2018
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Rank #2,754

The Angelic Guard, who call the heavens their home, have been tasked with collecting the orbs scattered across the world. Lucifer—a leader of the Angelic Guard with a rebellious streak, said to wield power rivaling the Almighty—carries out her duty along with Uriel, also a leader of the guard. Together, they go about executing their mission, until...

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Prelude to Darkness image

Episode 1

Prelude to Darkness

Heavenly Discord image

Episode 2

Heavenly Discord

A Splintering Friendship image

Episode 3

A Splintering Friendship

Behold, I Am King Grouch! image

Episode 4

Behold, I Am King Grouch!

Clashing Ideals image

Episode 5

Clashing Ideals

No Turning Back image

Episode 6

No Turning Back

Lucifer VS Uriel image

Episode 7

Lucifer VS Uriel

The Underworld Rebel image

Episode 8

The Underworld Rebel

The Forbidden Box image

Episode 9

The Forbidden Box

Seeking Lucifer image

Episode 10

Seeking Lucifer

Reclaiming Strength image

Episode 11

Reclaiming Strength

The Infinite Power of Friendship image

Episode 12

The Infinite Power of Friendship

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