Monologue of Universal Transverse Mercator: Egg Man

Alt title: Dokuhaku Suru Universal Yoko Mercator Egg Man

OVA (1 ep x 45 min)
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Monologue of Universal Transverse Mercator: Egg Man

A psychopathic killer known as Egg Man has been caught, incarcerated and is awaiting his death sentence. Karen, a beautiful and brave police woman, is assigned to the "Egg Man" case to find the whereabouts of a missing dead body. Egg Man meets his cellmate, Prisoner 205. Who is Prisoner 205? Is Prisoner 205 another in-mate awaiting his death sentence as well or an android utilized by the police to collect information about him and his knowledge of the corpse? Who is really manipulating whom?

Source: ANN

Received an early screening at the 21st Tokyo International Film Festival in October, 2008.

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