Monkey Punch no Sekai: Alice

Alt title: Alice

OVA (1 ep x 47 min)
1.821 of 5 from 250 votes
Rank #8,927

Alice was a beautiful woman who betrayed the wrong man and died, and as a result of her actions, the man (a mad scientist) decided to resurrect her. Using the skin from his brain, heart, and "love organ", he spent sixty years designing his beloved's new image and purpose: to be men's eternal sex slave. Fast forward to the present, and the man is on his death bed. He charges Don Jirochou, his adopted son, to hunt down Alice and kill her for her betrayal. And so, Don sets forth to find Alice and put an end to her - but not before he puts it IN her as well, multiple times!

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sothis Jan 23, 2008
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Some people envision Hell as a torturous place full of fire and brimstone; others envision it as a room filled with nothing but mother-in-laws. Others, like me, think of Hell as an endless span of time when the only activity available is to either stab yourself in the eyes repeatedly, or watch Go Nagai brainstorm "awesome" ideas for new excessively ugly and ecchi anime. After watching... read more



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