Momotaro, Sacred Sailors

Alt title: Momotaro: Umi no Shinpei

Movie (1 ep x 75 min)
2.312 out of 5 from 77 votes
Rank #8,069
Momotaro, Sacred Sailors

After successfully bombing Pearl Harbor, Momotaro over sees construction of a Japanese base with the help of his animal fleet along with some new recruits & volunteers. Their new mission is to attack the American troops occupying the island of Sulawesi.

Source: ANN

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roriconfan Feb 18, 2017
Score 5.5/10

For starters, this is a pre-world war 2 film. You must understand that anime began looking as we know them today after the war and by the artistic style of Osamu Tezuka. Thus, the animation simply looks alien to most, despite being a lot more Japanese than modern anime. You can say it looks kinda like standard cartoon of the 60’s… only better. For real, this movie was made in the 40’s and... read more

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