TV (24 eps)
2007 - 2008
Fall 2007
3.201 out of 5 from 639 votes
Rank #4,325

Shizuru and Mizuki are two quiet sisters who have a foot in the world of the supernatural. While Shizuru can see the spirits and monsters who haunt mankind, Mizuki can't help but become possessed by them. Together, the duo live with their grandparents and are taught about the spiritual world from their grandfather, a powerful exorcist. In the serene countryside, the girls will learn about the ghosts and goblins that co-exist in our world, while also learning about themselves and their abilities.

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KiraRin Oct 16, 2009
Score 7.5/10

Story Recently worn out from the recent sword slashing action of Chrome Shelled Regios, to the high-sea adventures of One Piece, I thought it was time for a change of pace. Having skipped over Mokke for a long time, I finally bit the bullet and settled down to my least favourite genre - a slice... read more

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mariprosa Apr 1, 2008
Score 7.5/10

Slice of life series with episodic progression are often difficult series to engage the senses overall, but there's something about Mokke that really draws a person into it. The series chronicles the adventures of two girls with supernatural abilities who come of age and grow with their experiences in meeting a wealth of supernatural creatures, all while living under the care of their... read more

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