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This is an art-interpretation kind of animation, don't know why its so hated so much. I thought the meaning behind it was pretty straight forward. (with the help of subtitles.) [Trigger warning: suicide and self harm.] Story + Characters: my interpretation: The main character (MC) is bashing their head against the floor or a wall, because 'it' became too much to bear. This could have happened after a certain traumatic event or maybe it's how they cope to get out of a panic attack (personal experiece). During such episode, too many thoughts consume the MC and all the triggering events that lead to this moment are heightened. The words “Useless” and “B*stard” are said but it isn’t really clear if it is society loathing the MC or it is the MC’s self hatred. The change in the form of the MC might represent the people that they met before or triggering past events playing like a broken record. Then the bashing becomes more aggressive and repetitive until they pass out, which is shown in peaceful blue cotton cloud filled sky to contrast the dark background before. A few grass leaves fly up when the MC falls backwards. This leads to believe that they died and are finally free, since heaven is usually drawn with peaceful skies and green lands. The above is the interpretation that I relate to the most, as I experienced somthing similar. Other interpretations: -rape / prostitution. (art reference to cubisim.) - abuse / murder. (what you are watching is the victim's point of view, but I don’t really think so, because then they should not fall backwards in the end.) Animation: I am not a huge fan of this style, but if you pause frame by frame, the light and detail are on point. I respect it. When I first saw this specific choice of colour, it reminded me of the art found in the picture book series, David, by David Shannon. The black background and the warm tones makes it more intimate. Like the light is only from a close fireplace or an incandescent nightstand bulb. The unique and different and a bit disturbing drawing of the MC relates to the story interpretation. It could personify the ugly thoughts that consumed the MC. Sound: I think it had more potential than just the shouting. But its just my opinion. Overall: I like it. And as a side note, I think the reason why it got such a low rating is that either the majority of ratings were from people that are too young or are not familliar with recognising unhealthy coping mechanisims, or just can't interpret art. And that's okay, because it's not always easy, Akidearest. ;-) Remember that you can always reach out for help. Love, from your exausted senpai.  

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