Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury - Part II

Alt title: Kidou Senshi Gundam: Suisei no Majo - Part II

TV (12 eps)
3.98 out of 5 from 1,242 votes
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it's pretty much telling how low the standards truly are in the anime fandom. This is not a "good" gundam series much less a "good" mecha series. there's absolutely no coherent development of its themes. what exactly G-witch wanted to accomplish? The Privatisation of War? well it doesn't explore it all except to make some jokes about it in the first season and then mention here and there that there are stockholders of certain technology just to later been dropped entirely in the final episode for a cheap resolution. what about war? what war? there's conflict on Earth to be explored but it's left off-screen and never truly resolved at least not in a semi-realistic way, the show is only interested in showing economics as the only factor that affects war which is not how wars are fought for (you just need to look at the ukrainian war, I will not comment further about this war due to my highly controversial views on it) so now that I explained this show is not about war nor Privatisation of War then what is this even about? it spent half its runtime (I'm considering the first season BTW) on HS shenanigans and paper thin characters with barely any motivations at all, several characters were put to rest for several episodes (Elan 5) and used for nothing at all. there's also an ominous plan to bring people back from the dead but it's never explained how is this even possible except from some vague terminology and saying "enhanced people" in the data storm. the show is overall underwhelming and pretty much shows that "retro's always better" the original gundam was a breakthrough in anime storytelling, Zeta Gundam is a good action show with war drama, even CCA is wonderful spectacle for what it is and thus there's nothing to be found here with "the witch from Mercury." ART SECTION: 7/10SOUND SECTION: 7/10CHARACTER SECTION: 5/10VALUE SECTION: 5/10run-of-the-millENJOYMENT SECTION: 4/10VERDICT: 5/10 SUGGESTION LIST (watch these in instead)-Legend of the Galactic Heroes. -GUNDAM 0079/ZETA gundam / Char's counterattack.-BABYLON 5.-Argento soma.


The Witch of Mercury as a story promised a lot, but it was ultimately, fundamentally, about nothing. From the very start of the prologue I was hooked on this show. I loved the look of it, the feel of the atmosphere, the character designs, the music and those battles, man, those battles were awesome. Every second we got of Aerial, the main mech, from the start of the show to the very end was incredible to witness. The series even started with what was the most practically a copyright infringement of the entire set up of Revolutionary Girl Utena, a show I love, so I was extremely intrigued to see what they wanted to do with that. And that feeling of intrigue kept me hooked. The show kept going and evolving, adding so many characters and intertwined narratives from the school side of things, to the inter company political conspiracies to the under going planetary war crisis. All of which was in some way a mere backdrop to the actual character drama that was developing on screen, with relationships becoming more and more convoluted and complex and more heavy on each and every character. But then… the show started to come to a close and I realized something. What… was the point of any of it? Surely the show had something it wanted to say by the end? And… unfortunately no matter how much I tried to look for any real theme, I legitimately couldn't find anything.  On the character side of things we could try and find the theme of Independence, Love or Remorse. A lot of characters have difficult relationships with various parental figures in their life , some are blindly following what they’re told is right and paying the consequences of it. Others are trying to escape the oppressing control of their family. And some are instead trying to follow their family legacy but struggling. With all this great variety of situations the show could have gone many different routes but instead it completely gives up on its message because in each and every case it turns any kind of authority figure evil. Like, legitimately “let’s murder anyone who gets in our way” evil. Any type of discussion of indepence is then rendered moot within those circumstances. Many different characters fall in love with each other, and while kind of overdone at this point, there could still be a lot to be said about how to handle relationships, unreciprocated love or fights. Much of the tension in the series builds up on many of these moments but ultimately… they fall flat as anything bad that anyone does to each other is forgiven with no second thought or discussion. Which mostly leads us to my next point. The last stretch of episodes heavily focuses on the introspection of many characters on all the things they have done or witnessed, the trauma those caused and the importance of dealing with the consequences of one's actions. Except this appears like the show taking the piss at itself because how every single person that ever did anything bad is forgiven by pretty much everyone in an insanely fast and unrealistic way.  Oh you were a bully that used to physically abuse others? Oh well you had a bad day too so you’re forgiven. Oh, you tried to kill dozens of people but failed? Oh well you must have had a bad day. Oh, you were a literal terrorist that indiscriminately killed hundreds with no care for civilians because you misguidedly thought that genocide was the only way to your goals? Well let’s still give you a hug, a happy ending or a nostalgic flashback if you died. The show spends hours trying to say that actions have consequences, but nobody ever truly faces any pushback. Any bad guy is instantly redeemed via the simple action of saying sorry. No arc required. Whether those bad actions were between family, friends,  lovers or enemies. The fact that nobody faces any consequence for what they do other than feeling sorry for a bit undermines anything you could possibly try to build on those themes.There’s at least a dozen characters in this show that either are just murderers or have at least attempted murder that by the end the show acts like they’re fully redeemed because… they were sad about it for a bit. I’ve lost count of how many characters tried to kill each other only for them to act friendly a few episodes later. It’s…. bizarre to say the least. Gun to my head If I was forced to say what the show is about I’d mumble out:Corporations Bad. War Bad. Friends Good. Nothing I disagree with of course, but everything just feels so generic that you could apply it to any story. We spend so much time invested and learning about the intricacies of the characters and world only for the characters themselves not caring about those details, and the world being a wholly separate thing from them.  I was unfortunately disappointed in the end, and this lack of theme or overall core idea to the show I think will likely lead this show to lose relevance fairly quickly. It’s a fun action show, but nothing more.

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