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Alt titles: Gundam SEED Destiny, Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Destiny

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Jul 23, 2013

Ugh, where to begin. 

Contains spoilers (if you can spoil trash) 

Story: 3

The story is a weak copy of Gundam SEED (which was a pretty decent reworking of Gundam Wing's story). Been there, done that. Throw in a 'twist' invovlving amnesia, and you've got the recipe for every soap opera out there. Maybe this is just bias on my part, but Mechs do NOT belong in soap operas. 

Animation: 3

I'd say a good 10-15% (if not more) of the series is flashbacks taken directly from Gundam SEED. Combine that with a dorky put-the-pieces-togather style mech that recycles footage every time it's deployed. Add in the standard complaint of recycled battle footage the Gundam name is notorious for. When you add those up, you've got 5-8 min of recycled footage per 20-25 min episode. If you can tolerate that, add 2-3 points, because the animation is decent. Nothing special, but decent. 

Characters: 2

There are 3 characters they try to develop, Athrun (returning) Shinn (new), and Meer (new). Athrun goes through pretty much exactly the same development he went through in SEED, making me wonder why they bothered (either of the other 2 surviving ZAFT piolots would have made the series more interesting while filling a similar role). Shinji, I mean Shinn, merely goes from angsty and unlikeable with creepy little sister issues, to angsty and unlikeable with sociopathic issues. Personally I find it hard to relate with an unlikeable character thats one small step away from turning into a full blown serial killer. Meer just plain goes crazy. While it would have been good if they had developed that more, in most cases it felt like they were trying to cram her in. The fire escape scene was well done, and some of her early stuff wasn't bad. The rest... wasn't. There are plenty of other returning characters, that should have been further developed, but sadly Lacus, Kira, Cagalli, and Murrue merely got recycled footage for thier 'development', and they chose focus on a weak 'forbidden' romance instead. Oh, and the amniesia romance. That was just plain unbelieveable. 

Overall: 2

SEED wasn't bad, it may even have been good (I'm definately biased against it considering it a Wing rip-off though). SEED Destiny... well, I consider it a waste of money, and my copy was sold long ago on ebay. 

-No One

3/10 story
3/10 animation
?/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Mar 30, 2012

Gundam SEED Destiny. Oh boy. I'll have fun with this review. I have a lot of comments on this.

PLOT: GSD takes place two years after the events of the original Gundam SEED. The story begins with "Alex Dino" escorting Cagalli to Armory One, to meet with the new Chairman of ZAFT, Gilbert Durrandal. But wait! The armory is attacked and guess what? GUNDAM. HIJACK. AGAIN.

GSD's plot, or what you can call a plot, is literally a copy and paste of SEED's. No innovation regarding the flaws of the series. The show constantly swaps POVs from the Minerva's, ZAFT's new battleship to the Archangel and let me tell you: It sucks. The entire final story arc sucks. Everything post Episode 38 sucks.

 Not even Maaya Sakamoto can save every show.

CHARACTERS: Another issue I had with this show is characters. As Gundam SEED was to 0079, Destiny should've been to Zeta. Shinn Asuka, the main protagnist (And I use protagnist loosely here.) is Kamille 2.0 and the hero of the story. That is, until the later half where he becomes the villian. Imagine my suprise when Kira becomes the hero again. I've heard people call Kira's GSD incarnation "Jesus Yamato" and I'll have to agree with them. Lacus and Kira, while interesting in SEED, utterly suck and are complete and utter Gary Stus and Mary Stus, fraught with plot armor like you wouldn't believe. Characters get shafted and completely shipped off because of backstage drama. Cagalli, for instance. Ever wonder why she didn't keep her Gundam despite knowing how to pilot it? It's because of bad writing.

ANIMATION: What animation? GSD abuses stock footage. Stock footage to the point you wouldn't believe for 2005 series. Hell, the final battle in the show is literally copied and pasted from SEED with minor ashethic changes. At least it's pretty to look at?


SOUNDTRACK: One of my favorite parts of SEED was the soundtrack. If anything, that's the only defining part of this show. The soundtrack, once again, proves that when you have the right people in on a show, it only makes so much of a difference. Oh. Did I mention they probably blew the budget on getting TM Revolution to voice a character who doesn't make a difference at all?

VERDICT: Gundam Seed Destiny is a pile of crap with a rather lame excuse for plot, terrible writing and terrible character derailment. I still wonder; had things been different and Shinn actually had character development he deserved and hadn't devolved into a raging mindless villian and remain the protagnist, maybe the show wouldn't been so bad?



And that's being generous.

Oh. I forget to mention. They are numerous recap episodes.


1/10 story
2/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Feb 2, 2010

Gundam Seed Destiny begins two years after the first Gundam Seed ended.  Many believe that peace will come about with the radicals of both sides dead.  The chairman of ZAFT is Gilbert Durandel who seems to be focused on peace.  As with the first series, the leader of the Earth Alliance is unclear and fairly irrelevant, but there are some key Earth Alliance characters who pilot mobile suits.

ZAFT: Headed by Chairman Gilbert Durandel, ZAFT seems to be at a stable stage with a much stronger military.  They crank out new mobile suits including a set of new Gundams.  A key addition to the ZAFT militia are the Zakus, mobile suits that commonly resemble mobile suits of other Gundam series.  They feature the one eyeball, the antenna on the head, and the spiked shields.  Dearka and Yzak from the first series are still with ZAFT from the original Le Creuset team that also featured Athrun Zala.

Earth Alliance: The Earth Alliance begins the war largely with demands that are illogical and obviously meant to provoke war.  As with the first, special forces invade to steal mobile suits, but this time, it's the Alliance stealing the ZAFT suits.  This force is made up of three young pilots, all with strange colored hair who are later found to be drug-injected super soldiers.  The Alliance is largely controlled by the Blue Cosmos/Logos group which is anti-Coordinator.  They also maintain their policies that there cannot be any neutral countries and ORB is forced to ally with the Alliance.  The most intriguing part is that a soldier similar to Le Creuset and wearing a similar mask but sounding like Mu La Flaga is seen at the beginning.

ORB: The Orb Union is now headed by Cagalli Yula Atha, but she is subject to the opinions of the Council of Elders who aid her and also by her arranged fiancee Yuna Roma Seyran.  Kira and Lacus are also residents of ZAFT, but would seem to be ther only with the knowledge of a few people.  The Freedom and the Archangel are revealed to be here as well as the majority of the Archangel's crew. 

The main plotline revolves around the second Cosmic War.  The Earth Alliance seems to be the initiator of the conflict, but it is later discovered that Logos is behind it.  Chairman Durandel declares war on Logos only to find that a third player, the Archangel, is also involved.  The story line focuses much more on the ZAFT aspect in regard to Athrun Zala, the former ZAFT soldier and son of former leader Patrick Zala.  He is originally with ORB, but goes on a visit to ZAFT to investigate the Plant's actions and is convinced by Durandel to join ZAFT again.  Throughout the war, he is confused as to who he should be fighting, especially when ZAFT is ordered to attack ORB and then to declare the Archangel and the Freedom as enemies. 

9/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Apr 15, 2015

This is a fairly entertaining show but for some reason the bad guys win in the end.  Well for the most part there really are no good guys save maybe 3 characters.  They are Meer Campbell, Shinn Asuka, and Lunameria Hawke.  Her sister fails to qualify as a good guy (gal) character due to her foolishly treacherous actions.  The reasons there are virtually no good guy characters are numerous.  The so called Archangel crew and the Eternal, are projected as protaganists but the way they handle things reminds one of how Jack the Ripper might treat women.  Both crews essentially kill indiscriminently friend and foe alike.  


Cagalli is somewhat of an enigma.  Initially she appears to be sort of a victim character who is aided by the coordinators with whom her backstabbing nation is for some reason allied with.  She preaches peace and non violence but ironically she causes more death than pretty much any other character to both how so called friends and her foes alike due to her reckless actions which take no thought of foresight of the consequences into account.  It is hard to believe she could ever mature enough to avoid her destructive nature.  She also seems to migrate form a somewhat compassionate character to a heartless one who rarely shows any kind of true emotions or awareness of the immense destruction she personally brings upon the world.  Why and how the creators have it in their mind to cast her as a either a sympathetic character or a heroic one given her bloody methods to achieve them is beyond me.  I went from liking her to wanting to see her get her just deserts or even death only to be sadly disappointed.  

Meer Campbell though a somewhat minor character is without a doubt the most sympathetic, tragic, and heartwarming appealing character in the series.  Like the so called extendeds, her path was pressed upon her though by choice, the viewer gets the impression it was that choice or a life of hardship or worse.  She is manipulated really by everyone she comes into contact with for their own purposes.  Yet her geniune true personality still stands out.  She is also about the only character who doesn't personally cause physical harm or death to any humans.  Sure her life may have been somewhat of a sham but she had selfless reasons for taking on the job she had.  

Shinn Asuka is the deepest and most detailed character by far.  The viewer is treated to plenty of information about his life, background, and thoughts.  It is clear he struggles against the direction things are going and the hard choices he must make, which is feels far more human than all but a couple of all the other characters.  The first episode focuses on his early life which leads the viewer to perhaps mistakenly believe that he is in fact the main protagonist and the hero of the story.  Yet, the focus bounces around from one character to the next so much all orientation who the viewer is supposed to see the perspective from is totally lost.  Yet he comes closest to that sense of a central main figure despite the seemingly sabotage attempts of the writers to divert focus from him.  

Athrun Zala is the slimiest character just slightly less slimey than Djibril.  He flips sides more than a dice in a Yatzee game.  And any sense of respect or integrity expected for such a character is nil since no one can ever tell who he will side with or fight against next.  Of course his friend Kira is the same and also flips sides but not as blatantly.

Kira mainly changes who he fights and kills depending I suppose on his mood and who he feels like killing or destroying.  I see no sense of justice in his motives or his actions though it is amusingly attempted and implied throughout the series.  He is probably the most empty of all characters and seems to have no soul, will, passion, or discretion of his own.  His thoughts feel akin to the direction the wind blows a wind sock.

Djibril is a pure slimeball you would love to hate yet, he at least has a geniune aura to his conviction of hate.  He is the personification of prejudice.  Though he is evil, he can at least be understood and it is clear he is evil and a bad guy.  That is more than I can say for the other antagonists who's murky convictions are hard if not impossible to follow like Athrun, Kira, and Cagalli.  

The captain of the Archangel inexplicably morphs from a sweet, charming, helpful, girl next door mechanic to a sadistic psychopath in the captains chair.  She conceals that with sweet sound words that try to fool you into believing her morbid motivations are in any way good natured or for the good of humanity.  

Captain Gladys seems pretty straight foreward as a good caring captain until the end when she starts acting a little nuts.  How she ever loses any fights seems illogical given her tactics and solidly discplined military style.  

Meryan Hawke turns from a nice intelligent younger sister anyone would welcome to their family into this cult like follower of the enemy for no solid reason.  She is the most difficult character to figure out or understand.  None of her actions make much sense save when she actually seems to remember she has a sister and voices concern near the end.  That makes it seem a bit contrived however and works against the strength of her character.  

Lunamaria Hawke is probably the most balanced and stable character of them all.  She never changes significantly or for no apparent reason like most the others nor does she like to kill for fun like most the others save her, Meer, and Shunn.  

Rey is a bit odd to start with.  He is a bit too much blended into the background like wall paper for much of the series.  Only in bits and pieces and a bit more near the end is much attention paid to him.  Initially he is like a typical college room mate to Shunn and a seemingly nice guy best friend type.  Yet his demeaner slowly changes to be a bit more cold, robotic, and distant.  The reason for this is never really clear.  If he was able to be nice at all, it would be a bit helpful to understand more clearly why he changes so dramatically for the worse or at least for the less involved and less social.  

Yuna is just a weasel and why Cagalli is too blind to see that much much sooner when it is so freaking obvious that he is not worth wasting time on and figures she should punish herself by marrying him as if accepting a prison sentence for no conviction or crime committed frankly puzzles me.  He is a weasel from the start and it seems pretty clear to most around him that he is best to stay clear of and yet she sticks with him until she is taken out of his life at least for a while.  How such a man gets any respect or power let alone keeps it for long is pretty hard to understand.  He never offers any decent qualities to really even fool anyone that he is anything but an incompetant doormat.

Durandal is yet another difficult to comprehend person.  I got the impression his mood or plans changed sometime after his so called ally betrays him and his country.  Though that is not crystal clear, it does not seem like he starts out with any grandiose ambitions beyond exactly what he says he wants which is to defend his people from Earth aggression.  His character changes so much and so dramatically it is hard to envision he is the same person from episode 1 to episode 50.

Few other characters are worthy of note or make much of an impact.  Things are a bit like a rollercoaster ride with respect to characters and how much they change and constantly flip from friends to foes several times through out the series.  It is enough to make you dizzy trying to keep up with it.  Several valid attempts to introduce drama and startling plot twists are commendable but they are not done with a good sense of organization.  It screams of amateur hour.  it is either that there are too many little ones throwing up at you rapidly or one long convoluted one that often is foggy or feels misplaced.  Overall there was a lack of consistency to how the plot and twists worked themselves out perhaps mainly because they constantly slam like a head on collision into the quirky way characters appear to be all over the trait scope jumping or changing from one set of traits to another either so often or so far out of left field you can feel lost trying to follow them.  

This series might well have worked far better if they simplified things a little bit, had fewer characters and focused more on them, and kept the twists to a reasonable pace so that they were unexpected but do not feel like being jerked around on a rugged rollercoaster.  The twists are a bit sharp to fit well into a story without being overwhelmed by one another.  I wanted to like it and there were certainly things I did like about it, however, all the flaws and misses mean I can not rank it as high as it could be had they done a slightly better job.  I can deal with a story that was about evil characters or bad guys, but the way this series did things it was like they try to trick you into believing the bad guys are somehow good.  I do not care for that kind of deception in story fundimentals.  Maybe you are ok with deception in the story structure.  Though for me, if the setting says it takes place in France, for example, well i expect it to do so.  If the story is about bad guys, thats fine.  If it is about good guys as central characters that is fine, but when you try to paint say for example, a blood thirsty serial killer as a saintly good guy, thats a problem.  Be true to what you are and what your story is.  There is no reason to either deceive or alienate an audience.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Nov 7, 2009

 Plot:The Year is Cosmic Era 73, two years after the end of the war between Earth and the PLANTs. Peace had finally been achieved thanks to efforts put forth by both sides, but it was not meant to last. When rebel Earth Forces soldiers infiltrate the PLANTs and steal ZAFT's new prototype Gundams, it's up to Shinn Asuka and the crew of the Minerva warship to hunt them down and retrieve their mobile suits. With the war now back in full swing, will Shinn and the others find a way to restore peace?

Story: Gundam seed Destiny story starts off 2 years after the events of Gundam seed. When Destiny starts off both the Earth and Plants our at peace with each. I am not going giving way any spoilors. The first couple eps start like Opening Kick off to a really good Football game.  They really good build up to the war unlike its prequeal Gundam seed we get to we how builds up. The story had couple good plots twists. The foreshadowing which the series does  twice.  This does have Main Character switch but it makes sense if you think about it.

Even through the inatail final epsiode and ending imo sucked it but the make it up it to us in Gundam seed Destiny final plus which remends the 50 the final power alot. Plus the ending was alot better.

Characters: Gundam seed Destiny has good mix old and new Characters. The devlopment of the character is based sitituitons in the show. Which something I like alot. Character roles have switch snice the last series.
Cagalli: Civillian/soldier to head of state

Athrun Zala:Soldier to bodyguard

Kira Yamato: Soldier to civillian

Murrue Ramius: Soldeir to civllian

Andrew Walfeld:Soldier to Civllian

4/5 these character roles starts don't stay the same. Anyway you good New Ones which you anime to find out who they are.

Sound: Gundam seed destiny Music its probaly ones hightlights of the series even didn't anime very you have adimt the music awsome.

Animation: Gundam seed Destiny Animation another good element this series of their is alot reused sences but want Anime doesn't have it share reused sences.

Overral: Gundam seed Destiny I enjoyed from start to the end. This probaly one the Best Gundam series out their I seen alot Gundam series Like Zeta Gundam for explame.

9.5/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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