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Fall 2010
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Seeking a cure for his depraved masochism, Taro Sado approaches the Second Volunteer Club on the recommendation of his best friend, Tatsukichi. There he finds the help of the violent but kind Mio Isurugi who promises to beat the masochism out of him by any means necessary. Will Taro be able to survive the assaults of this upperclassman, the overly-affectionate attentions of his mother and sister, and still lead a normal school life? Unlikely. But will he get over his perverse fetish? He sure hopes so.

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From Secret Santa 2011 Story: Behind the comedy lies a serious plot, one where 2/3 of the mains try to cure their crippling flaws: one of supreme masochism and the other of androphobia. Some more serious events abound, backstory wise, and infront of all that, overshadowing it all, a tsunami earthquake of hurricane comedy on fetish fuel, cosplay, beatings, violence and righteous perversion. The comedy it does exceptionally well, using the main schtick and character quirks without overusing the secondaries. Since it's what it is, it's slapstick oriented and verbal abuse aplenty, which I get a kick out of. And the obligatory Christmas episode and the obligatory "Last episode or two mood whiplash" was very well done and not overly serious. Animation: I like the eyes... I like those chibis in the OP... it looked good? I got nothing. Sound: Loved the OP/EP, with the fast beats and gratuitous English and a classical score in some parts that totally made the scene. Felt out of place at times but that just made it more hilarious. Characters: One of the best parts is how there is no clear winner in the love triangle for some time. The two females each get time, their moments, and the pettanko isn't in the lead entirely. Some anime have them win but this... this has it be anyone's game, and I have to give it massive points for that. Another is that their flaws are continuous; the masochism and androphobia aren't cured instantly or cured in a cheesy way. They're great character traits and it's used pretty well, as well as providing some backstory for Arashiko (The one with androphobia (Fear of men)). And that... they're just plain fun and have more depth than one would expect of an anime where the guy is smacked around every few minutes. The secondaries do their role quite well, and are memorable, especially the manager, who pops in every so often with his fetish. Which is to say they're all messed up in some way with their own fetish/problem, and it makes for great fun character-wise. Overall: This one was just plain fun. Laughed throughout, loved the slapstick and double for the constant verbal abuse, loved the classical score and it's a great comedy overall.


This show, at a base level, is good. I really can't actually find any major flaws, so I guess that's a good thing...? Story: (8/10) I will admit, the story isn't a super in-depth adventure or anything, but it's definitely unique. It's basically about a boy named Tarou who is a masochist(he gets sexual pleasure from being hurt by pretty girls). Since he doesn't want to be a masochist, he seeks the help of the Second Volunteer Group, led by Mio Isurugi(who is apparently a sadist, no diagnosis in the show though). Along with the help of Yuuno(the girl who is the cause of his masochism in the first place, and who also has androphobia), they try to solve his problem with plenty of funny(and somewhat demented) antics. The show's main appeal is that it's genuinely funny to watch Tarou get screwed over every day. Whether it be some horribly failed attempt to cure is masochism, or just a pure awkward moment, this show is funny and entertaining from start to finish. Animation: (8.5/10) While it is a pretty good looking anime in regards to CG and the like, it's about average for a 2010 anime. Although I can't say I've seen better, I've seen a few others of similar quality. Sound: (8/10) The opening theme is, unfortunately, a catchy little j-pop song... to be perfectly honest the ending theme is kind of irritating, but nontheless it fits the theme of the show. The background music and voice acting fit in perfectly with the show, leaving the viewer overall pleased at the sound of Tarou getting drop kicked or horridly screaming while running away from an angry Mio. Characters: (9/10) Like a lot of shows, the characters are once again the best thing about it. They each have their own (somewhat unique) personalities, each with their own humorous quirks. We have the masochistic Tarou, the sadistic but kind (tsundere) Mio, the androphobic and shy (but kind) Yuuno, or (mah personal favorite here :P) the kinda creepy cross-dresser Tatsukichi. Those aren't even all the entertaining characters, by the way. :D But yeah, all in all, the characters are all funny and unique, which was rather refreshing with all the copy-paste anime casts in other shows this year. Overall: (9/10) Although a little bit ecchi, for the most part it's a pretty down-to-earth comedy about a high schooler and his problems. Definitely worth your time, unless of course your looking for a huge scale highly-developed fantasy world. But in that case, just go watch 12 Kingdoms or something ;D

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