Mizu no Kotoba

TV Special (1 ep x 9 min)
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In a cafe, people spend their time talking to each other about what’s on their mind. They talk about troubles with love, spread gossip about a friend of a friend and tell about the time they saw a flying fish. The waitress of the cafe tries to teach a lesson to a boy that just broke up with his girlfriend that relationships don’t end when the people involved part ways. Overall, the other people in the cafe also become influenced by what tools of humanity and the human language can do for relationships between lovers and friends. The unbelievable is always tested by science and our own imaginations...

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Mizu no kotoba / Aquatic Language (Japanese)

Episode 1

Mizu no kotoba / Aquatic Language (Japanese)

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Intro...Getting just small snippets of conversation in a cafe and a tiny window into the lives of those who are there.Story: 8I must admit that sometimes shorter animes tend to be better at conveying more information across than those which continue on for the standard length of time.  In the same ways that Pale Cocoon, Voices of a Distance Star and Eve no Jikan are each short series that give barely anything other than story, so to is Mizu no Kotoba.  Its actually hard for me to talk about the story because lasting only 9 minutes is ratrher a short amount of time, but for some reason, you find out so much from just "listening" to the conversations.  Honestly, well worth watching.Animation: 9For those of you who've seen Eve no Jikan you'll most likely enjoy this as the cafe which it is set is very similiar.  And the animation of the cafe itself is of high quality and the Aquatic part of the episode is a really nice touch and brilliantly animated.  Honestly, it would have been perfect for animation had they touched the people up just a bit, but for me it was a real visual treat.Sound: 8What comes from something that lasts only 9 minutes in terms of sound?  Well, actually quite a lot, as the conversations you pick up from the people in the cafe are brilliantly spoken with each person having their own distinctive voice that actually matches their onscreen appearance.  The small piece of music in it somehow manages to capture the scene pretty nicely, yet to be honest remains somewhat lacking in its performance (after all, it would have been nice to had an actual piano playing it rather than a computer!).Characters: 9Mizu no Kobota is all about the characters which make it up.  Although there is a 'main' character, actually the amount of time you spend learning about them gives you an insight into their lives and in someway, you want to know more about them.  After all, what can you find out from someone in 9 minutes?  Not an amazing amount as the time would fly by before you have finished describing what your job is.  Yet here, we find multilple different characters and can get an impression of what they are actually like from the way they speak, what they say and to some extent the actions they perform.Overall: 8.5I must admit that it was hard to write this review in someways as because its so short, that talking about it would ultimately act as a spoiler.  However, this alone is what makes this such a beautiful episode; the fact that it is so short that there is no chance for waste within it.  Honestly, if your bored and need 9 minutes to kill, then watch this as you'll be wanting another 9 hours just to find out what they are really like.  Go watch it.

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