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Satoshi Yabe is the newest employee at Kamohashi Elementary School. Wide-eyed and enthusiastic, he’s thrilled to finally be fulfilling his dream of being a teacher – but little did Satoshi know that he’d be assigned to class 6-3, a group that houses none other than the violent and perverted Marui triplets! Between the girls trying to hook him up with the busty school nurse, dealing with the unfortunate consequences of a hamster named 'Titties' and other misadventures, Satoshi’s dream of an uneventful school life has come to an end!

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-Story-Mitsudomoe is a good comedy anime, with several hilarious jokes. There were several times when I would burst out laughing. There were some running gags, as there are in any good comedy series, but there was one that annoyed me a bit. Mitsudomoe had a tendency to rely too heavly on misunderstanding jokes where two people are having a conversation but they are talking about different subjects. One character would almost always be talking about something sexual, and the other would talk about something innocent. These kind of jokes were funny at times, but they would dominate all the jokes in parts of the series, particularly in the middle episodes. I was also disturbed by how the characters were 6th graders, yet they knew all of this sexual humor, which kind of irked me. My little sister is around the age of the characters in Mitsudomoe, and I can not imagine my sister even knowing about that kind of stuff yet.-Animation-The animation was pretty good, with minimal use of the still frame. It has a good style to it and it flows smoothly without too many bad spots.-Characters-I felt that the characters were absolutely funny and were fun to watch. All of the triplets were unique in their own way and laugh out loud humorous. The classmates were quite funny too in their relations to the triplets. They were all overall interesting characters. I was saddened a bit by the fading involvement of Aiko the school nurse towards the end of the series, and I really wish I could see more of her and Yabe together. -Overall-Mitsudomoe is a pretty good watch and is quite humorous. I would recommend it.

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