Mitsuboshi Colors

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Mitsuboshi Colors

In a certain corner of a certain park in a certain Ueno area of Tokyo exists the secret base of the "justice organization" called "Colors." A group of three elementary school girls lead Colors, and the members of the group roam the park day and night (actually just until evening) to protect the peace of the park.

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Who Wouldn’t thought of those three young girls doing great things? Well that’s I would like to see them doing fun things. Story The story is about three young girls (Yui, Kotoha and Sat-Chan) are doing nice things to the world, around people and other places that they do, a sometimes doing some crazy things, I felt this story is sweet because they always do what children can do and not do something awkward situations, I bet these girls love to do when they can and explore around it, those girls are mostly elementary school girls around different ages (or maybe not in the same school together) but it fun to see them doing good ways to do so, those girls are fun to watch. Animation  The art are good and the background of it is nice and neat, great design and more coloring backgrounds are great and beautiful, the studio did a nice job at making a good design and the characters of the girls were nice, they did the best. Sound  Music of the sound was find not that great but it was close for an perfect score despite some minor issues with some of the sounds that might a bit off, but their are mostly good at some point, I did like the English Dub voice acting they did a great job for voicing young girls in such a fashion. Characters  The characters are soo good and nice, with three young school girls at somewhere at their age, Yui the crybaby who cries in some earlier episodes but she gets better and brave at some point, kind of think of it of her, she is the leader of the colors group and she kind of smart, good thing she can know stuff especially messing with Kotoha in video games, hilarious, then we have Kotoha the blue headed girl who loves playing video games despite not at good at it thanks to Yui, Kotoha is just pure and not some kind of serious thoughts, I hope she can just do better in video games to try avoid of getting Yui to stop teasing her (like the one that did when Yui made Kotoha cry after she tell her about she sucks playing video games, that was funny) Kotoha is try to play well some day, and finally we have the yellow head Sat-Chan who is a cruel one among others, Sat-Chan always tease with someone that what she saids, Sat-Chan also curious about poop and she wants to hear about it, how funny it was, those girls are great and smart as usual, other characters that appeared are Saito a officer cop who do his duty, then we have Daigoro (or aka pops) is an old men that runs a factory store shop and he makes various things he does, then is Nonoka who is a young high school girl that hangs out with the colors to play with them and her older sister Momoka who works at a bakery store and she is nicknamed “Moka”, and finally is Sat-Chan’s mother who is kind of a mother being and runs a fruit stand, these characters are improving and great things to them. Overall This show was met for me and better things are good at, Mitsuboshi Colors are a very great show with best color design and a good characters looks, I believe this could be one of the top shows that I can barely to watch it, I hope they have a second season or so that would make it something special, Mitsuboshi Colors was a fantastic anime that I can see for a long time. A perfect 10/10 


I don't know if it was because I viewed Mitsuboshi Colors (Silver Link, 2018) too soon after Too Cute Crisis.  The powers of kawaii exploited to cover up a minimal plot.  Syrupy sweet resolutions to what should have been near insurmountable odds.  And with Mitsuboshi Colors, cute is to cover for some sketchy personalities, even if they be aged seven or so.  It's not so much kawaii succumbing to the forces of darkness.  It's more like cute emerging from the shadows (like some renowned witch arising from the well ... shudder!). Maybe it's just that, as a former teacher, I have been subjected to the 'Sweetums approach' to bamboozling the adult in the classroom.  But the three girls who make up the league of justice called Colors could've been ... legitimately sweeter without trying to get away with something unseemly.  Kotoha (blue) has a mean streak and is likely to land a punch and place her foot in triumph over your sprawled body.  She transfers her aggression into her video games, at which she is abysmally poor.  Sat-chan (yellow) is a blend of foul-mouthed lowlife ('poop' seems to dominate her vocabulary) and comic genius.  As Mitsuboshi Colors runs with the gag-humor concept, Sat-chan is the heartbeat of the series.  She does have good lines and great delivery.  Yui (red) is an unconfident, vacillating girl who just happens to be the leader of the Colors ... as she follows the lead of the other two girls.  She is a less than adequate straight man, which is why the other girls are out to find someone (or thing) new. The gag is the format of a typical MC episode, which could offer 2-3 storylines.  The premise has the Colors as 'protectors of the peace of the neighborhood,’ though their efforts raise the suspicions of the local constable, Saito.  But the girls have the support of Kujiraoka, the owner of a local novelties shop who arms the girls with walkie-talkies, and weaponry in the shape of simple toys.  With the stray cat Colonel Monochrome as team mascot, the girls visit the zoo on suspicions that the animals are being starved.  To the museum to gain a T-rex skeleton to replace Yui as straight man.  To the shopping district to stimulate sales for Sat-chan's mom's fruit stand.  To torment Saito, somehow, using their deviant kawaii powers.  To film a mini-documentary on the neighborhood.  To crash on a futon as a part of the surveillance of the local park.  You know, gag-stich.  No connected master plot, just girls pushing the general cuteness of being their age. The animation rarely rises above the run of still backgrounds which demonstrate the rigors of the three girls dashing about being a protector of justice.  The animation is decent, though not vivid.  The theme music is spunky, insisting that the energy needed to save the day belongs to the kids. So, with Mitsuboshi Colors, it's best to give those fearsome girls some leeway.  Kids are kids, and depend on a degree of cuteness, even if it borders on the deviant and crusty.  You might not like Kotoha's rough play, Sat-Chan's poor word choice, or Yui's ditziness ... but you have to smile.


Silverlink’s 2018 charming slice-of-life comedy is focussed on three elementary school girls and their adventures around the Ueno district of Tokyo’s Taitō Ward. The area is known for its park & cultural attractions and you will get to see a lot of these during the show. Mitsuboshi means “three stars” and those stars are little Yui Akamatsu, Saki Kise & Kotoha Aoyama. They have formed a gang they have dubbed “Colors” and their mission is to safeguard the peace of the town. Of course, there really isn’t anything to challenge this peace and most of their adventures have been setup for them by adults who enjoy stimulating the girls’ imaginations. The girls are that curious mixture you really only see in fiction. They are both smarter than kids should be yet somehow more naïve. They have a hut hidden away in the park and they enjoy tormenting the local policeman Saito. They get on better with “Pops” (Daigoro Kujiraoka) who runs a local bric-a-brac store. He enjoys devising riddles for the girls to solve – usually involving something out of his store. It isn’t a large cast yet between this small band of kids, young adults and older members of the community, the Colors have more than enough on their plates. The manga series written by Katsuwo (who also gave us “Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu”) started in 2014 and ended in 2020. It is wittily written, exuding youthful imagination and curiosity. The show revels in setting itself around real locations in Ueno. The girls hang around the park mostly but we get to see them visit the local shopping area, museums and the zoo. The writing is very cool and very funny. There are a lot of one-liners here and irreverence that you would not really expect to hear from such youngsters. Their antics are as zany and madcap as you would come to expect from the genre. They manage to conjure up days packed with fun despite the fact that not really much is actually going on at all. They manage to make everything fun and the local teens and adults go along with the flow. The girls’ imaginations run riot with even the most mundane of every day occurrences. Their thought patterns really don’t make much sense. This is the show’s great attraction alongside the adult’s desire to humour the kids. The twelve episodes squeeze in more ideas and madness than you see in most anime these days. It just goes to show that you really don’t need a big idea if you can write great stories about the every-day. It’s jam-packed with memorable fun and games. A riot of joy and youthful enthusiasm that recalls the sort of thing you might have read from Roald Dahl back in the day. Truly a little classic in its own right. Its nearest equivalent for us would be “Non Non Biyori” (also Silverlink) although it lacks the 2013 show’s cleverly crafted sentiment. The three girls are more memorable for their personalities rather than simply being “cute”. They display a depth that we don’t often see. Our only criticism is that the show was often hum-drum and, dare we say it, boring. Our attention would drift away as some of the silliness is not strong enough to hold us locked to the screen. Still, a finely crafted anime all the same. Recommended.

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