Mitsuboshi Colors

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Mitsuboshi Colors

In a certain corner of a certain park in a certain Ueno area of Tokyo exists the secret base of the "justice organization" called "Colors." A group of three elementary school girls lead Colors, and the members of the group roam the park day and night (actually just until evening) to protect the peace of the park.

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ClubFoot Aug 9, 2018
Score 7/10

Let the children enjoy their experiences as children such as forming a group and let adults for being busy without all the fun that has passed, setting up a secret base, doing some challenges, going around the city, and using some imagination which adults cannot understand. It just sad when millennial kids, some of it, never do things like this again which is just an irony when they see it. Kids who prefer to... read more

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Ryukami Apr 9, 2018
Score 7/10

Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, protect the town edition. The girls are cute and even annoying at times while they go against pretend threathts towards their city. The girls call themselves Colors, Yui being red, Sat donning yellow and Kotoha rocking blue. The show is actually good, not just moe trash or kiddy anime. Lot's of the humor and dialogue is childish, but if nothing else it will atleast make you... read more

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Mitsuboshi Colors
  • Vol: 6+; Ch: 51+
  • 2014 - ?

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