Miss Monochrome

TV (13 eps x 4 min)
Fall 2013
2.697 out of 5 from 2,068 votes
Rank #7,052

Miss Monochrome, an idol who lives in a luxurious castle with her trusty Roomba companion, wants nothing more than to be back in the spotlight like the popular idol Kikuko. But the road to stardom will be fraught with challenges, from finding a trustworthy manager, to getting bit parts on TV, to even getting the media to notice her glorious talents and amazing feats!

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Every season has those little gems normally overlooked, but Miss Monochrome is one of those I am glad someone recommended to me. Following on the idea of the Vocaloid franchise, Miss Monochrome is not actually an official Vocaloid herself, but she sports the trademark autotuned voice and ideals of being a popstar. To this end she asks her maid, Mana (whom, might I add, was the only person I loathed in this short), to make her an idol. Mana requests Monochrome's entire fortune in order to do so, which the naive android grants her. Little to say that Mana runs off with the fortune, leaving Miss Monochrome seeking work at a local grocery store, where her manager is intent on realizing her dream of becoming an idol to the point that he effectively doubles as her promotion manager. And that's it, that is what the rest of the short tries to accomplish, and each episode is filled with Monochrome and her manager finding new ways of getting her noticed by the public. They are often hilarious renditions of Monochrome's misunderstandings interjected by slice-of-life elements where Monochrome takes interest in battery brands to recharge herself, with one mind-shattering android orgasm when she treats herself to a high-quality brand. The story is simple, but at 3 minutes per episode the progression is smooth and presents an often times amusing tale of deep ambition. Even an AI can strive for human greatness, and in the end the message is hard endeavour and work will pay off eventually.

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