Miss Hokusai

Alt title: Sarusuberi: Miss Hokusai

Movie (1 ep x 90 min)
3.859 out of 5 from 734 votes
Rank #1,826
Miss Hokusai

As all of Edo flocks to see the work of the revered painter Hokusai, his daughter O-Ei toils diligently inside his studio. Her masterful portraits, dragons and erotic sketches – sold under the name of her father – are coveted by upper crust Lords and journeyman print makers alike. Shy and reserved in public, in the studio O-Ei is as brash and uninhibited as her father, smoking a pipe while sketching drawings that would make contemporary Japanese ladies blush. But despite this fiercely independent spirit, O-Ei struggles under the domineering influence of her father and is ridiculed for lacking the life experience that she is attempting to portray in her art.

Source: GKids

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AnimeFreakMiva Nov 21, 2016
Score 6.5/10

I love movies and series that have a tendency to differ itself from the typical stories that we see everywere in cinematics these days. Therefor, as I saw the trailer for this one movie I felt an enormous urge to see it. I had a picture of how it would be and was hoping for a movie that I would enjoy, however that, by the ending of the film, to be an miscalculation on my part. And why?  The story: The... read more

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Xplayer Nov 13, 2016
Score 6.5/10

Works within the medium of anime can generally be divided into three formats: short film or OVA, television series, and feature film. Each of these formats has their strengths and weaknesses. For example, while feature films tend to have higher production values, they are unable to tell longer tales that are available to television series, especially long running ones. A film keeps an audience captive for... read more



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