Miss Bernard said.

Alt title: Bernard Jou Iwaku.

TV (12 eps x 3 min)
Fall 2016
2.377 out of 5 from 584 votes
Rank #7,848
Miss Bernard said.

"Miss Bernard" herself, Machida Sawako, and her book-loving friends live their literary days in the library. This gag series glorifying famous literature is filled with love for books of all sorts, as well as the kinds of things that all readers experience!

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First Volume: "Miss Bernard Said" image

Episode 1

First Volume: "Miss Bernard Said"

The Library image

Episode 2

The Library

Murakami Haruki and SF and Stuff image

Episode 3

Murakami Haruki and SF and Stuff

Japan's Three Greatest Mystery Novels image

Episode 5

Japan's Three Greatest Mystery Novels

Shelter from the Rain image

Episode 6

Shelter from the Rain

Used Bookstores image

Episode 7

Used Bookstores

Fermat's Last Theorem image

Episode 8

Fermat's Last Theorem

Bus Stop image

Episode 9

Bus Stop

A Day Without Machida Sawako image

Episode 10

A Day Without Machida Sawako

Exchanging Letters image

Episode 11

Exchanging Letters

Solo Journey image

Episode 12

Solo Journey

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Inu230's avatar
Inu230 Feb 15, 2019
Score 4.5/10

This anime attempts to inspire more reading, though it pushes sci-fi down your throat most of the titles mentioned are or should be on people’s to [must] read list. If it takes a 3 min anime to galvanize more literary pursuits, so be it. The book versus movie debate [full out war for some] is a recurring topic. The background text has been translated for English readers/watchers and while pretty... read more

CaptainSlow's avatar
CaptainSlow Apr 2, 2017
Score 6/10

What I Liked: The cute relationship that blooms between Sawako and Shiori. The humour, while mad-cap and nonsensical, gives equal time to poking fun at both ends of the fan spectrum - those "filthy casuals" who want to look like they know it all and those "superfans" that do while admonishing the "casuals". Infodumps offer some interesting literary recommendations.  ... read more

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