Mirmo Zibang!

Alt title: Wagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon!

TV (172 eps)
2002 - 2005
Spring 2002
2.924 out of 5 from 675 votes
Rank #5,615

Mirumo is the selfish and chocolate-loving prince of a magical kingdom. As the successor of the kingdom, his father wants him to travel to the human world and study -- but Mirumo has other plans! Due to his unwillingness to go, the King declares that Mirumo must be married at once to his betrothed, the beautiful and clingy Ririmu. Things get even worse for Mirumo when Minami Kaede, a shy girl with a crush on the handsome Yuuki, wishes upon a magical cup for a fairy to give her the love she desires -- thus pulling Mirumo into the world of humans! But Mirumo and Kaede are not alone; Ririmu soon follows to help Yuuki, and Yashichi the Ninja to help Minami's rival for Yuuki's love, Hidaka Azumi! Hilarious antics abound in the new and complicated lives of these friends and enemies!

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eminAAnime Nov 21, 2012
Score 9/10

 This is am extremely good anime! About the importance of friendship, love,  it has alot of comedy, and teaches us life lessons. All you can ask for in an anime <3 it is one of my favorite! and i have cried in episodes 100-102 multiple times but you wotn understand the depth of their friend unless you watch it from the begining ;) yes its a little childish but we all have that kid inside... read more

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