Mirai Kara Kita Shounen Super Jetter

TV (52 eps)
1965 - 1966
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Mirai Kara Kita Shounen Super Jetter

Super Jetter comes from the 30th century, but after fighting the villain known as "Jaguar" he ends up in a time machine that sends them back to the 20th century. He meets a young girl named Kaoru whose father is the Secretary of International Science Bureau of Investigation, Saigou Mizushima. With his super abilities, Jetter is asked by Mr. Mizushima to help keep peace in the 20th century. Jetter has superior intelligence and strength compared to those of the 20th century. He has futuristic abilities such as being able to stop time for 30 seconds, an anti-gravity belt, infrared goggles, is bulletproof, and has a paralyzing gun.

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