Miracle Train

Alt title: Miracle Train ~Ooedo-sen e Youkoso~

TV (13 eps)
Fall 2009
2.541 out of 5 from 1,357 votes
Rank #7,737

An urban legend tells of a Miracle Train that runs the tracks of Tokyo’s subways. Appearing only to troubled ladies, it’s said to house a few young men who are manifestations of the Oedo Line’s stations; together, they are able to solve any problem that plagues their passengers. Whether it’s helping a girl who lost her dog to a woman who refuses to tell the boys of her problems, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Shiodome, Tsukushima, Ryogoku and Tocho-mae will help anyone they meet aboard the Miracle Train.

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Episode 1

Labyrinth 42.3

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Episode 2

A Passport for You

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Episode 3

130 Thousand Departures

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Episode 4

Departing From the Future for the Past

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Episode 5

Mile Marker Zero of Love

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Episode 6

Railway From Tsukishima

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Episode 7

Oedo Mystery Train

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Episode 8

The Little Passenger

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Episode 9

The Men's Miracle Train

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Episode 10

Bark at the Oedo Line

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Episode 11

Proposal Three Years Later

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Episode 12

The Other Passenger

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Overview: I found this anime to be a light, cheery series of stories. While watching this anime, you will encounter a series of different stories (one each episode). All have one cynosure: the troubled lady who finds herself in an otherwise empty train with the "train stations" of the Oedo subway line. Each train station has a different appearance (but all are exceedingly attractive men), and a different personality that often suits the area around their station. There are three other characters as well: the mysterious conductor, a little girl who acts as a guide, and the dog Tokugawa. Scattered throughout are little tidbits of Oedo subway line history. Story: There is little plot development, as almost all the episodes involve the train stations solving the troubled ladies' problems. Now I say "little" and "almost", because glances of an ongoing conflict arises briefly in the later episodes, which later becomes the main conflict in the last few episodes. This 'main conflict' itself is not too compelling or note-worthy. Because of the nice short stories before this conflict arises, I give it a 6/10. Animation: The Yumeta Company handled the animation production for this anime. I found the animation very impressive. As I've mentioned, the train stations are very attractive. So are the various environments the stations take their troubled lady. I gave animation a 9/10. Sound: I quite enjoyed the openings and endings of this anime. The sound was not spectacular throughout the anime, but I can't expect too much, considering a great bulk of it was spent inside a train. I gave the sound a 7/10. Characters: Each character had their own distinguishing style and personality. I found that the anime was very much like a reverse-harem in the structure of the characters, without any actual romance involved between the train stations and the women. The individual stations had their own typical reverse-harem characteristics. There was the tall and responsible one, the one who didn't really know who he was, the young shota, the lady killer, the chill/funny one, and the one who could cook. I gave the characters a 7/10, because they did have some dynamic natures about them. Overall: I enjoyed this anime. It isn't spectacular, but it is a nice, light anime that will leave you feeling content. I recommend this anime for anyone who needs a little pick-me up. I gave this anime a 7.8/10.

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