Miracle Train

Alt title: Miracle Train ~Ooedo-sen e Youkoso~

TV (13 eps)
Fall 2009
2.558 out of 5 from 1,331 votes
Rank #7,101

An urban legend tells of a Miracle Train that runs the tracks of Tokyo’s subways. Appearing only to troubled ladies, it’s said to house a few young men who are manifestations of the Oedo Line’s stations; together, they are able to solve any problem that plagues their passengers. Whether it’s helping a girl who lost her dog to a woman who refuses to tell the boys of her problems, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Shiodome, Tsukushima, Ryogoku and Tocho-mae will help anyone they meet aboard the Miracle Train.

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Labyrinth 42.3 image

Episode 1

Labyrinth 42.3

A Passport for You image

Episode 2

A Passport for You

130 Thousand Departures image

Episode 3

130 Thousand Departures

Departing From the Future for the Past image

Episode 4

Departing From the Future for the Past

Mile Marker Zero of Love image

Episode 5

Mile Marker Zero of Love

Railway From Tsukishima image

Episode 6

Railway From Tsukishima

Oedo Mystery Train image

Episode 7

Oedo Mystery Train

The Little Passenger image

Episode 8

The Little Passenger

The Men's Miracle Train image

Episode 9

The Men's Miracle Train

Bark at the Oedo Line image

Episode 10

Bark at the Oedo Line

Proposal Three Years Later image

Episode 11

Proposal Three Years Later

The Other Passenger image

Episode 12

The Other Passenger

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kaoriblaza's avatar
kaoriblaza Sep 2, 2012
Score 7.8/10

Overview: I found this anime to be a light, cheery series of stories. While watching this anime, you will encounter a series of different stories (one each episode). All have one cynosure: the troubled lady who finds herself in an otherwise empty train with the "train stations" of the Oedo subway line. Each train station has a different appearance (but all are exceedingly attractive men), and a... read more

Tolomer's avatar
Tolomer Jan 23, 2010
Score 7/10

A delightfully foolish anime~Definetely something to watch as a good time waster, or as something to just relax with. I mean this is an entirely good way. The fact that there's no definite plot, or reocurring characters after the first episode, (i.e. the women don't tend to come back) makes it fun to watch, as there's always something new and unexpected. I highly recomend this anime to anyone looking for... read more

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