Minarai Diva

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Minarai Diva

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This is the first anime I've ever heard of where the anime is being aired LIVE from a studio. This was done using the idols​/voice actors and body-tracking software. While I think this is super cool, it unfortunately doesn't work well, and this show was a mess. Animation/Sound The first thing I want to talk about is the sound and animation together, as this isn't a regular anime. This show is actually aired LIVE using one of those vocaloid CGI programs. While sections of the show are pre-recorded, many parts are actually filmed using the two voice actors as actors, who control their CGI counterparts. The beginning of the show actually shows the studio, staff, and actors preparing. This is actually pretty inventive as I've never even heard of this being done before. However. The show is bad. The animation looks cheap and low-budget. While the idea of it being live is cool, it works against them. For at least a third of the first episode, of the the character's model was 'stuck' in a neutral position and the actor couldn't move her (she still spoke, but her character was frozen with her arms sticking out). There were even bugs in the second episode. They literally had a "technical difficulties, be right back" frame they used when things went wonky (voice actors just kept talking). Audio wise, I hate the "live" voice acting. Unlike totally scripted shows with editing, the dialogue is messy. There is laughing and awkward pauses constantly, among other little "mistakes" that are common in every day conversations, but weird to hear in a show. Not to mention, I overall dislike live Japanese talk-shows because they feel way to fake (exaggerated). Story/Characters The only thing that could possibly save this show would be good characters or story. However, this anime has neither. The characters are two dimensional and are basically just the voice actors talking, instead of feeling like independant characters seperate from the actors. There isn't really any plot. In what I assume is a pre-made section of the show, the idols mention they want to become more popular and talk about other overally generaic idol themes, but there isn't really an overarching story, as far as I could tell. The largest chunk of the show was the characters acting like they would during a talk show. Random conversations and weird mini games that are far from entertaining. Overall While I applaud the show creators and staff for taking on such an innovative project (Live Anime), there isn't anything about this show that makes it a good anime. Perhaps it you compared it to a talk-show, it might be more average (I'm not farmiliar with Japanses talk-shows), but as an anime it fails in every category. I would not recommend this show to anyone. *** I admit I did not watch the entire show. I barely watched one and a half episodes, so my review is based solely on that experience.

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