Minami-ke Tadaima

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The three Minami sisters – Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki – only have each other as they navigate the pitfalls (and pratfalls) of every day life, love and friendships.

Source: Funimation

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The final season of Minami-ke Tadaima (feel., 2012) was a set of pleasant adjustments from one anime company's project to this last production, a much brighter, lighter pastel coloration of the characters and scenery.  It lacked the vivid facial glares made famous by Daume (original production, 2007) and asread (2008-2009), but the treatment of the striking humor gave out one last revival of the spirit of the three Minami sisters.  But all the stories have the same idea promoted by Chiaki Minami at the beginning of the opener.  Don't expect much from all this. And the expectations were as one would expect.  Each sister, living her life at the elementary, middle, and high school levels has their set of friends ... and one boy who plays into the gag humor this series had for all those seasons. Tadaima reactivates the characters of Hosaka and Makoto/Mako.  The first is the admirer of eldest sister Haruka, a star-crossed stalker who slowly but surely is foiled in all attempts.  The second is Chiaki’s classmate.  As a boy, Chiaki cannot stand him.  But when he cross-dresses into friendly visitor Mako, both Chiaki and Haruka love ... whoever.  Kana knows Makoto's secret, but he feels trapped in his dual existence.  Meanwhile, Fujioka, Kana's classmate, constantly closes in on confessing his love to Kana, constantly re-evaluating the wisdom of such a move.  All the rest is that interesting blend of support characters.  Touma, the tomboy who is just learning the angles of being feminine, no thanks to her three older brothers.  Hayami, the schemer whose advice to Hosaka might be the reason he is so ineffectual with Haruka.  Riko, Kana's classmate who has a crush on Fujioka.  Natsuki, Touma's brother, whose efforts to get her thinking less like a tomboy gives him chances to refer this matter to most feminine Haruka. As I mentioned earlier, feel. gives the Minami-ke franchise a new look as it presents the uninteresting life of the Minami sisters with a special glow.  Lighter color schemes to bolster the flat animation technique.  Light and lively music as Tadaima comes out as a year in the life with summer scenes move to the winter spirit of the season of New Year.  And, as the best way to end, the coming of spring and celebrating the falling of the sakura.  A great way to end. And it ends with a traditional thanking of the viewers for all the years of support.  Plus, a final 'Hey, we're really done, idiots!' from Chiaki.  All that will come from the franchise is an OVA, Natsuyasumi (feel., 2013).  A final salute to the Minami girls.

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