Minami-ke Omatase

OVA (1 ep x 25 min)
3.8 out of 5 from 1,144 votes
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Unaired episode bundled with the 10th volume of the Minami-ke manga.

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It was an enjoyable experience to compare the first work the anime company feel. had with the 2012 Minami-ke Omatose with the last OVA asread did with the 2009 Minami-ke Batsuba.  You have the same three Minami sisters with the identical familial dynamics.  Youngest Chiaki adores oldest sister Haruka but feuds with middle sibling Kana.  Kana is the unmotivated high schooler who has a fair sized selfish streak.  Haruka continues as the maternal support for a family that have lacked parents the whole duration of the series.  You have the regular cast with few additional members, if any.   You have the same interactions and expectations (or lack of same). You have subtle differences.  Look for them. For what you can notice when doing this compare/contrast exercise between Omatose and Batsuba, you have to be well grounded in the three seasons as developed by asread (2007-2009).  For as much of this OVA is concerned, it is based solely on characterization and character design.  Some is essential restore/rest, as one should look for in the 2013 season of Tadaima.  Once more Makoto has gotten his girly on, forced into this situation by the bullying of Kana (Makoto must be something for Hallowe'en ... why not a cute witch?).  Hosaka regains his narcissistic self back, unbuttoned shirt and all, but he has no opportunity to resume the stalking of Haruka.  He does get some confab time with Hayami, and you can reckon that such conspiracies bode not well for the new season.  Fujioka appears to be making progress in getting the nerve for that love confession to Kana ... Kana remains dense as ever. But OVAs give animators chances to expand on the basics.  So we see Kana with flowing hair released from those dual ponytails.  Bespectacled classmate Keiko goes ahead with contacts.  Riko puts up her hair into a ponytail.  Fujioka gets his chance for a 'watsup ?' But the big adjustment is the style of animation.  More solid design with deeper pastel effects.  Haruka is drawn slightly differently, as if to anticipate the responsibilities of maturity.  Even the classic realistic facial glance has to settle for a less vivid smirk.   It’s a brand new look for a cast of characters that live and learn with one another.  Even the music for the themes breathes new directions. And this gets unleashed in feel.'s first effort in the world of Minami, the 2013 Minami-ke Tadaima.

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