Mina Smiles

Alt title: Mina no Egao

OVA (1 ep x 16 min)
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Mina Smiles

In a village in Asia, there is a family with five children. Mina and her husband, Jai who never learnt to read and write, work in the field. One day, Jai suddenly falls ill from stomach cramps. Mina urgently looks for medicine, but she can't find the right container among so many different kinds. Mina decides to go to the clinic in town with the empty bottle. When she reaches the clinic, the doctor is surprised by the bottle she has brought. The bottle is not for medicine, but for pesticide! When she returns home Mina tells Jai what happened in town. And she tells him frankly that she wants to attend literacy class. The story tells you what problems illiterates in Asia and the Pacific are facing and shows the importance of literacy.

Source: ACCU

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