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The Krakozhia Dukedom and the Grania Republic are at war, and high school student Souhei Yano wants no part of it. But when two Lieutenants show up in tanks at his door, his life becomes an exercise in dodging stray bullets!

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The Mission Begins! image

Episode 1

The Mission Begins!

Assassin!! Delivery?! image

Episode 2

Assassin!! Delivery?!

New Weapon for Extreme Cold! image

Episode 3

New Weapon for Extreme Cold!

The Ultimate Weapon Next Door!! image

Episode 4

The Ultimate Weapon Next Door!!

Nuclear Warhead Captured!! image

Episode 5

Nuclear Warhead Captured!!

Reinforcements Have Arrived!! image

Episode 6

Reinforcements Have Arrived!!

Landing Mission Successful? image

Episode 7

Landing Mission Successful?

Operation: Magical Girl!! image

Episode 8

Operation: Magical Girl!!

The Last Night... image

Episode 9

The Last Night...

Grue's Battle Chronicles... image

Episode 10

Grue's Battle Chronicles...

The Defector Girl!? image

Episode 11

The Defector Girl!?

Military! image

Episode 12


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