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The relationship between humans and vampires is one of literature's most lasting and notorious ones, and Mignon explores it in an imaginative, superbly written, intriguing, and engaging tale. In this anime, two characters from two distinct stories come together, and they must learn to both comfort one another while also filling in the gaps left by people from their own parallel realities and their own personal issues. The anime portrays a fascinating and much darker side while also delving into the complexities of love, personal growth, and the profound effects that people may have on one another's life. While also emphasizing themes like self-worth, discovering inner power inside oneself, adversity, and the capacity to move ahead from past events. The color selections and color schemes used in each scene were incredibly serene, gorgeously atmospheric, and established various tones, from the night time city background, which was an exquisite crimson red packed with more shaded colors to create a sense of intense feeling and action, to the daily routine of Mignon and Oh Young seen inside and outside the arena filled with hues of blue, yellow, white, pink, and other colors to create a sense of peace and liveliness. The anime is thematically similar to the author's past works, such as Hyperventilation and Unbelievable Space Love, in that it has well-developed characters with whom the audience may sympathize, despise, and relate in both positive and bad ways, as well as excellent production values. The anime's powerful, edgy, vibrant, honest, and fascinating music complements the situations and feelings shown in it. The acting and performances of the characters were truly suitable in terms of how they were able to deliver and catch their lines in a way that showed both their thoughts and feelings of the character being played, as well as the effort and experience they put into playing the part. Overall, I would strongly suggest this one to anyone who is a fan of Bboong Bbang Kkyu's works or has an interest in the anime's following genres.

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