Midori Days

Alt title: Midori no Hibi

TV (13 eps)
3.874 out of 5 from 13,319 votes
Rank #1,889

Sawamura Seiji is the most notorious delinquent at his high school -- always getting into fights and causing problems, leaving him single and unlucky with the ladies. After another long day of rejection, Seiji discovers that the love of his life might have finally appeared, but in the unlikeliest of places... his right hand?! Now, in addition to dealing with daily fights and the gossip of his classmates, Seiji must handle a new problem of embarassing proportions: Kasugano Midori, a pretty young girl in place of his hand, who happens to have fallen in love with him!

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"Rise from the ashes..."No one expect any change in their life. Especially when we meet people who are causing trouble and harming the society. In that moment we think probably "All we need is love..." don't we? Exactly! In that review we'll take a look to "Midori no Hibi" or I should call it - one of the most beautiful sudden change ? Is that really true ? "Overcome evil with good"The plot isn't much complicated as for romance anime. We meet guy called Seji Sawamura - naughty boy, who is getting into fights. That's the main reason why he doesn't have girlfriend by a certain time... Imagine that you're sleeping. Nothing cause trouble, but when you get up you see that in place of your right hand is your girlfriend. What do you do?That problem had your protagonist. He didn't expect that he would have a girlfriend. At the beginning it was quite embarassing to go outside with your girlfriend on your right hand. But by the time Seji was used to that situation. Oh I almost forgot to tell you what is her name! She is Midori Kasugano. That's why "Midori no Hibi". Because of her our hero will miss school and avoid fighting. That is the change I was talking about! The best thing is that Midori fell in love with him. What caused that ? I won't tell you. Watch it to find out! "Stars in the night"Let's talk about animation and sound. They are not bad. Actually I enjoy them both. They're making the whole anime more beautiful. Characters? They're nice as in romance anime. At the beginning they seem to be bad, but while watching they'are getting better. The end of the anime is lovely, you should see it yourself!In the nutshell Midori no Hibi is another good romance with happy end. It's one of the most beautiful sudden transformation of human I've ever seen. You won't regret watching it!Remember one thing: To change your life, you just need love and self respect.Looking at his right handWatashizashi


Ok so I don't usually pick up stuff like this. but when I read the synopsis I couldn't resist. To say that this anime made me laugh would be an understatement. The first 3 mins of the first episode had me rolling on the floor. I have seen a lot of shows and I am not much of a reviewer but I was plently surprised with this one. The story I will admit is rather dry. it's your basic love story. Main character is a lonely bastard and a wild girlfriend appears. They have a number of things happen to them they get closer and in the end everything works out for the best. The animation if pretty average,but with this kind of show it doesn't have to look beautiful, it's just here to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.sound well there were moments in the english dub where you wonder if they just had the same voice actress hold her nose and speak for different characters, other then that it was average. The theme song is nothing catchy and I skipped it for all 13 episodes because well not really my thingOk the characters, well Not much here really all in all they were pretty cut and dry. However this is not a bad thing. Seiji is just your average anime delinquent they are everywhere in anime. and Midori is the shy girl again everwhere in everything. But it's really what happens to both of them and how they deal with things and change themselves over time that makes them somewhat memorable. Would I suggest it? Yeah, if you are looking for a funny feelgood story with a happy ending, If you want something fun to watch with a significant other or are just a lonely guy havin a bad day and just want an AWW,(lets be honest this is how bronies came to be) you have come to the right place. Don't expect to be wowed by off the wall plot twists and in depth character development because it isn't here.

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